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5 Things To Look For When Picking Out The Best Diaper Bag

How to Pick the Best Diaper Bag
Let me tell you the Diaper Bag is a crucial essential item you will need when having a  baby.  Don’t let your mom or girlfriend pick it out for you, no not a good idea.  You need to take in a lot of considerations when PICKING OUT THE PERFECT DIAPER BAG. You are the one who will be using it every day, so you need to get what you want, and so there are some tips to help you get that amazing diaper bag.
1. Functionality: The bag will need room for YOUR items like wallet, glasses, phone, and other items you may need while out and about.  Then the bag also needs to fit all the baby things like, bottle, toys, diapers, wipes, nursing cover, blanket, extra clothes, and whatever else you might need. You might even need to put your toddler items int here too, so make sure you have plenty of room.
2. Style:  Nowadays, there are so many diaper bags that don’t even look like a diaper bag.  I love those kinds.  Back in the day, they didn’t have all these fancy bags looking like designer bags.  So think about if you want a traditional bag or go wild and get a Chic Design that you can carry anywhere. Also, need to think about color.  Now yes, it’s cool to have that bright one with the cool designs BUT is it adaptable to your wardrobe or would your husband carry it?  All things to think about!
3. Size and Weight:  Now yes you are going to put a lot into this diaper bag (especially 1st-time parents) so you need to feel comfortable carrying don’t want the bag to be dragging you down.  It needs to be comfortable. Check some fantastic backpack diaper bag reviews here.
4. Carrying Option: Do you want the basic shoulder strap, the cool messenger strap but then you might want a backpack. Choices are always nice to have so make sure you figure out what you like and how you will be carrying the bag,

5 . Fabric: Here are a few fabrics that are highlighted! Glazed/Coated Fabric, Nylon, Vegan leather,eGeniunee Leather, Cotton Canvas.

I came across nappy bag store, and they cover diaper bag buying plus so much more.  I could stay on this site for hours just looking around.  I was very impressed with this site because I didn’t feel pressured to BUY, they gave me valuable information and ideas.  They are not your typical baby store that is for sure!  The Baby Cubby is not just about where to buy a diaper bag; it is for parents.  Whether they go onto the website at, in the retail store, or through social media or the Cubby Community Blog they feel that difference knowing they are there not just to sell “stuff” but to be a resource for them through the incredible journey of parenthood.

Fun Facts about Baby Cubby:

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