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Television For Their Dorm Without Subscription

First time college students, or those returning are always looking to cut costs. Many also want tv of some sort. However, cable and satellite is pricey and not always feasible. Mohu has the answer.


Television for their dorm without subscription

What if they could have access to VHF tv stations for FREE? That’s right, free! All it costs is the price of the indoor Mohu antenna you choose. The Leaf Glide is their newest and version and the first of its kind HDTV antenna.

Free dorm tv

Mohu Leaf Glide

You son or daughter can enjoy the simplicity of an indoor tv antenna, and save money by not having an extra bill. Leaf Glide’s patented SignaLift technology is perfect for receiving VHF and UHF channels. It picks up more stations than any other indoor antenna. It even picks up those with lower frequency.

Leaf Glide is paper-thin, omnidirectional and has reversible features. It’s the largest antenna in the Mohu family, but that just means it reaches more stations. It will pull in all local broadcasts such as news, weather, sitcoms, kids show, and even sports. (Any stations up to a sixty-five mile range.) Your kids can stay up to date on weather alerts, world news, and even recent game scores. And all for no added monthly costs. It doesn’t get better than that!

tv antenna

Set up is simple!

Just plug-in your Mohu Leaf Glide, and have your television scan for channels. It’s that easy. Then hang your Mohu on the wall, or even in a window. Your son or daughter can even paint the Leaf Glide, so they can make it their own, to match their dorm room.

What we think

We don’t have cable or satellite. We actually use Sling tv. It’s great, but you don’t get any local channels. We use the Mohu Leaf Glide to get all of the local stations, and it works great. I can watch the news and weather every evening!

Where to buy

To get your Mohu Leaf Glide or one of their other tv antennas, head to their website. Be sure to follow them via Facebook and Twitter too.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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