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Teach Children to Root for the Underdog

Raising children is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs we will ever have. An important lesson is the teach children to root for the underdog. Quite literally. We need to put an end to puppy mills, and we will need our children to help in the fight when they become adults.

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Teach Children to Root for the Underdog

Anna Kenna’s new book Viola Vincent Reporting….Underdog, she gives children a relatable way to understand the harm of puppy mills. In this book we follow thirteen year old Caitlin Nove, on her quest to save a precious Jack Russell Terrier from a nasty puppy mill.

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Through her story she gives children information about how puppy mills are cruel and why we need to put a stop to inbreeding and inhumanely treating animals. Kenna will empower your children to use their voices to speak for those that can’t. She will inspire them to make a change. To stand up and be the change that we want to see in our world. Last but not least she will show how good journalism helps us.

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Did you know?

Did YOU know that there are currently ten THOUSAND puppy mills in the United States? That is a who lot of neglected, abused, and over breed dogs in our country. Not only are these animals treated poorly, but often the ones that make it out have many health problems. The ones left behind never have a real life. They’re used for breeding and rearing, until they die. What kind of life is that?

This is where ADOPT DON’T SHOP comes in. We need to stop pet stores from purchasing puppies from these mills. If the mills can’t sell their dogs, they will go out of business! As a matter of fact, of California has become the first state to prohibit the sale of dogs from puppy mills. We need this statewide all across our country.

These are important lessons for our children. If they are to carry on what we have started, they need to learn now. Teach them in a way that will empower them to make a difference. In a way that lets them know that their voices are important too.

For more info, and for your copy of Anna Kenna’s book, click here.

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