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Tasty Clean Kills Those Nasty Germs and Tastes Good

Tasty Clean Kills Those Nasty Germs and Tastes Good

The holidays can be a wonderful time, but when you have kids, germs are almost inevitable.  They’re always dropping things like their pacifiers, lollipops, utensils, and whatever else you can think of.   Now, what do you do without water or if it’s something you can’t simply rinse off?  I have found the remedy!  Tasty Clean is an amazing product that kills 99.9% of common household germs and you never have to rinse it after spraying.  As a matter of fact, this all-natural spray actually tastes good.

Tasty Clean is made with ingredients such as apple cider vinegar and stevia.  There are even three different flavors to choose from.  These are Grape Juice, Cherry Tart, and Apple Sour.  Sounds like some kind of candy or something, right?  I’ve used all of them, but cherry tart is my favorite.

Nothing ruins family time more than picking up germs and getting sick.  Obviously, if you get sick you’re not going to be able to go around your loved ones.  Who wants to sit at home alone during the holidays?  Certainly not me!  Not to mention, how grumpy and miserable your children are when they’re sick.  That’s no fun for anyone.  Tasty Clean is an easy way to keep your items germ-free and keep everyone healthy.

Tasty Clean Kills Those Nasty Germs and Tastes Good


Tasty Clean is completely chemical-free and clinically tested.  It kills those disgusting germs after only 30 seconds.  This is the perfect antibacterial spray with great flavor.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anything like it.  Depending on your needs, the bottles of spray come in 8ml (travel size), and 2oz. (perfect for purses).  There is also a nice kit “The Clean Kit“, that comes with the travel size bottle, a micro-fiber wipe keychain, and a 5oz. refill bottle.

So, the next time you decide to take the kids to the zoo, camping, or wherever, please make sure you bring a bottle of Tasty Clean.  It has so many uses!  It can even be used for things like mouthguards, water bottles that are being shared between kids, retainers, toys, and even instruments.

Give a great gift to the ones you love this holiday season.  Give them Tasty Clean (it makes a great stocking stuffer too!).

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Tasty Clean Kills Those Nasty Germs and Tastes Good

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