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Switch It Up This Holiday

Are you looking to switch it up this holiday? If so, then this is for you!

Switch It Up This Holiday

Nintendo Switch is the newest gaming platform from Nintendo. This is an all in one gaming system for at home and on the go. So instead of having a bunch of different consoles or platforms, the Switch is all of those on one!

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Newest Game

Gear-Club Unlimited for the Nintendo Switch just dropped TODAY! It accommodates one to four players and they can race head to head in this fast paced game. Players can compete in split screen format, or try to beat each other's times online. You can compete in over four HUNDRED races! From derbies, to dirt tracks, and so much more. That's hours upon hours of fun. Gear Club Unlimited is rate E for Everyone so it's a nice, family friendly game. As long as kids can read, they can enjoy this game.

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More Than Just Racing

It isn't just a racing game though. It's an authentic car universe. The game features more than fifteen existing models of cars. Players can view them from all angles. They can even check out their interiors and motors. There are race cars, sport coups, and more.

switch 4

Deck Them Out

When the players enter the Performance Shop they can customize their vehicles. You can change the motors, gearboxes, suspension and more. Change it up so that you can win every race you enter in Gear Club Unlimited.

Build Your Dream Garage

Okay, so I may be overly excited about making my cars more beefy and powerful. I'm also stoked about getting to design my dream garage. I can do both in Gear Club Unlimited. I can expand it, design it, and showcase my cars inside too. As you compete you work to unlock even better stuff so you upgrade it all.

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So if you don't have a Nintendo Switch, grab one, and then get your copy of Gear Club Unlimited. You can get yours here. The holidays are here, and this game would be a great gift for the motor heads on your list.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.