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What Are YOU Doing This Summer- Go Boating!

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Get Your Boating On This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and my family is making PLANS.  One thing my husband wants us to do is to go Boating!  I’m all for it; I grew up on the lakes so I would love my kids to experience that too.  My husband has been talking about buying a boat for years; he would enjoy a fishing boat. Now that’s all good and all but I’ve been with this man for 17 years, and I’m still waiting for a fish to cook.  I think we can get a boat that the whole family can enjoy like a Bowrider.

There are several things to consider before buying a boat, though. I did some research and came across Discover Boating that has a wealth of information about boating.

  • Boat Selector Tool- choose what you want to do, how many people, how long do you want the boat and then it gives you what the best boat is for your family.
  • Boat Buying Guide~ there is a lot to consider before buying. What is your limit, where to buy, insurance costs, and should you buy new or used?  Walks me through ALL the questions I had.
  • Boat Loan Calculator- put in your budget and it will let you know monthly payments.
  • Where to find Certified Dealers- this will help when you go to a boat show or a dealership! Be prepared.
  • Marina Finder- you can find all the access points in your area
  • Boating Destinations- explore beautiful cruising destinations.  Gives amazing places to go- I see a family trip soon.

After reading all the articles/information on Discover Boating I know how to move forward on how to buy our boat in the future.  I’m so happy I talked my husband out of the purchase of a boat off craigslist and going the smart direction. There is a lot to think about, just like buying a car and having as much information you can ahead of time is ESSENTIAL- so please make sure you visit Discover Boating before buying your boat, you won’t be disappointed!

Now you know you don’t have to own a boat to spend time on the WATER.  We love renting a boat at our favorite vacation spot in Florida.  Being out on the water is amazing and makes you feel good.  I love to take it all in and enjoy my family, the deep blue sea, and the SUN!  Enjoying the afternoon on a boat is one of the best things to do on vacation.  We are planning our family vacation this year though Discover Boating because it gives all the cool spots to go to while on vacation.

If you still need convincing about family fun on the water- please watch this VIDEO.  Also, if you want to stay around your area, please find the best program for your child by activity and zip code HERE.

About Discover Boating:

Discover Boating is a national, nonprofit program on behalf of the US recreational boating industry aimed to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. For those looking to get their feet wet, DiscoverBoating is an unbiased online resource packed with easy, interactive features on all things boating, including a boat selector tool, get on the water tab where you can find rentals, classes and charters, cost comparison tool, renting options, youth boating programs, education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos.


There is a lot to love and learn, about boating. So that is why DISCOVER BOATING created a library of articles, videos and blog posts to help you throughout your adventures.


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April Yap

Thursday 14th of July 2016

Boating was my collest experience last year. We celebrated my birthday with the boat activities and I find it so unique and amazing birthday of my life ever!

Marette @ Floradise

Thursday 26th of May 2016

Great post on boating! I can't wait to get on the water.

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