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Stretch Marks Warrior Stripes or Unsightly Nuisance

    Stretch marks come from many things. Most people associate them with pregnancy. However they also come from either rapidly gaining or losing weight. Many people don’t realize they come during puberty. That’s where Belli can help.

pregnant stretch marks

Stretch marks – Warrior Stripes or Unsightly Nuisance

    I am not one to body shame. I hope that everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin and be happy. I’ve been as small as a size zero (before my son) and as large as a size 18, so body shaming isn’t something I do. However, I used to think stretch marks were awful. You see, when I hit puberty, I put on weight before I actually started to get taller. (Which incidentally I stopped growing in height in sixth grade.) This rapid growth spurt and weight gain gave me stretch marks on my hips and thighs.

    We all know that middle and high school can especially be hard. So many kids, especially girls are focused on being a certain size or shape, and having stretch marks at that age is grounds for being a target of teasing. I always hid them well, but there were times when it was hard to find shorts that wouldn’t expose them. I wish Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream was available back then!

stretch marks teens

Belli to Minimize those marks!

    Ob/Gyn recommended because it’s safe for expecting mothers, means it’s safe for everyone, including your teens. If they are like me, and get stretch marks from puberty, you won’t worry about them using this product. I certainly would let my child use it. I would encourage them that their body was perfect the way it was, but if they were afraid others would make fun of the marks, then I would surely let them use something to lessen them and take them away.

Belli Stretch mark

Not everyone wants tiger stripes

    I think of my pregnancy stretch marks as tiger stripes, but not everyone does. In that case, I think you’ll definitely love Belli’s Stretchmark Minimizing Cream. It’s specifically formulated to decrease the appearance of any existing stretch marks (regardless of how old they are.) Use it morning and night for four weeks, then once daily there after.

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