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A Stocking Stuffer for the Savvy Traveler

This is the time of the year where many of us become travelers. We travel to visit family and friends near and far. We may even go on a vacation to escape the holiday bustle. The one thing that we always take with us no matter where we go is our clothes. We try so many different hacks to pack as many clothing items as possible or to avoid having wrinkled clothing. Besides, once we get to our destination, the last thing we want to worry about is ironing our clothes. ConvertAHanger has an easy solution to keep your clothing looking neat, especially when staying in hotels or being on cruise ship.

A Traveler’s Solution to Hanging their Clothes

We have all stayed at a hotel or been on cruise ship that has those hook-less hangers that can be difficult to use. When you travel internationally, you may find it difficult to hang your clothing. To help combat that solution, you can use ConvertAHanger. ConvertAHanger is a patent pending hook that you attach to the end of the post of the hotel or cruise hanger.  

A Stocking Stuffer for the Savvy Traveler

You can use the ConvertAHanger to dry your clothing if have a spill, get wet from the rain, or have a wet bathing suit. Think of all the times you wished you could hang your clothes up in a hotel, but did not have hanger. If you need to steam your clothing, use a ConvertAHanger. Do you want to avoid that awful metal on metal sound you get from the hotel hangers? If so, then use the ConvertAHanger.

A Stocking Stuffer for the Savvy Traveler

ConvertAHanger is made from strong Lustran ABS. 100% of ConvertAHanger is made and sourced in the United States.

There are many great benefits to using ConvertAHanger. It is a quick and a simple stocking stuffer gift that the savvy traveler can reuse again and again. You can get two ConvertAHanger for $9.95. At a price that low, you can get more than one set to gift to others or even keep one for yourself. Would you gift this item to someone you know? What way would you use ConvertAHanger?

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