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Stay Charged on the go with EnerPlex

    Hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day yesterday! Next up is the dads! I have a great gift idea for the daddy’s in your life!

    We all lead very busy lives, and most of us rely on various electronic devices to function in our every day lives. We don’t have time for dead batteries. Enter EnerPlex Jumpr™ Slate 5k. A slim designed, portable battery.

EnerPlex Jumpr Slate

    The EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5k is a 5100 mAh lithium polymer battery. The slim design makes it perfect for fitting into a binder, folder, bag, or even a purse. It even has holes so it can be clipped into a binder. It has a tethered Micro USB cable for easy charging. The Jumpr™ Slate 5K is designed for iPhone 5 and newer. The 5K-L has a micro USB for Android and other products that accept a micro USB jack. (The EnerPlex Jumpr™ comes with another USB micro cable, so even though I don’t have an iPhone, I am still able to use the Jumpr™ 5K. I just can’t use the tethered cord.) The Jumpr™ charges everything from tablets, smart phones, mp3 players, GPS devices, cameras, and more!


    The Jumpr™ Slate measure 6.69 inches, by 3.74 inches, by 0.3 inches. My son actually loves the feel of the battery. It’s a smooth, almost rubbery texture, and he loves to run his hands over it. (The whole Autism and sensory input thing.) I like the portability of the Jumpr™. It didn’t take super long to charge my phone either. When I plugged it into the battery, my phone read as almost dead, but upon plug in, jumped up to 23% charge. It then took not quite two hours to charge it all the way.

EnerPlex Jumpr Slate Charge Time

    We have used the Jumpr™ Slate 5K to charge my android phone (Samsung 4s), my son’s old iPhone 4, my husband’s Galaxy Tab 2, my second generation Nook, and more. It has worked great on every device we have used it on. I have already told my family about it because they were looking for a portable battery as well.

    To get one for the dad or dads in your life, or even for yourself, head to their website.  They also have a wide range of other products to choose from. EnerPlex offers solar batteries, solar panels, portable generators, solar back packs, even solar battery phone cases! They certainly have something for everyone, and I reall recommend you check them out! You can also find them on various platforms of social media. Find them here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.


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