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St Lucia Citizenship vs Dominica Citizenship

More and more countries are offering to obtain documents for a relatively small investment.

The search for a new place of residence can be associated with new business opportunities or simply with the desire to live in another state.

In many cases, people apply for documents in order to get certain preferences. For example, access to education, the possibility of free travel around the world.

Since the St Lucia CBI was launched, it is regularly compared to the offers from other Caribbean countries.

The program here has been running again since 2017.

Everything has been perfectly fine-tuned over that period. Therefore, the investor will be able to obtain a local residency permit or passport.

St Lucia Citizenship vs Dominica Citizenship

The specifics of the Saint Lucia CBI program

There are minimal requirements for those who want to process documents in this country. For example, they concern:

  1. The age of the main applicant. Only adults can submit documents.
  2. Proof of funds. You must prove that the money you have in your account was obtained legally.
  3. No criminal record. You will need to provide a document proving that fact.

The minimum investment in this country is $100,000. This is a donation to the local national foundation.

By the way, the advantage of Saint Lucia CBI program compared to the one in Dominica is a lower commission.

Therefore, you can get citizenship of this country on the most favorable conditions for yourself.

Another option for obtaining documents in this country is the purchase of real estate. Its minimum cost starts from 300000 dollars. You need to choose from a list that was compiled by the state.

During the years of work, the processing of St Lucia citizenship has become simple and straightforward. The procedure takes about 3-4 months.

If you meet all the criteria, you will be able to get the documents and appreciate all the benefits of living in this country.

How does the Dominica CBI program work?

In Dominica, the program for obtaining citizenship for foreigners works since 1993. Yes, there have been some changes, but, in general, all procedures are fine-tuned.

The requirements for potential applicants are minimal. If we make a comparison with the program, which is established in St. Lucia, they are almost identical.

The main applicant must be of legal age. He needs to provide documents that confirm the legitimacy of receiving funds.

It takes 3-4 months to get the citizenship of Dominica.

According to the specialist of the company Immigrant Invest Victor Esik, there are 2 options for investment in this country.

The first one is a non-refundable contribution to the local sovereign wealth fund. Its size is 100000 dollars. In this plan, everything is exactly the same as with the receipt in Saint Lucia citizen. The only thing is that the fee will be 2000-3000 dollars more.

The second investment option is the purchase of real estate in the country.

At this point, the Dominica CBI program looks more profitable. In this state, you can buy property, the cost of which starts from 200000 dollars.

This is noticeably cheaper than in St. Lucia. As a result, local investors do not have to deal with serious expenses.

If you can prove your means and intentions, you will be able to process the documents without any problems. This is the first step towards getting a full-fledged passport of this country in the future.

Advantages and peculiarities of each program

If we compare Dominica citizenship and processing documents in St. Lucia, they have approximately the same set of benefits.

In addition, it is worth noting that both countries authorize dual citizenship. Therefore, it is not necessary for the applicant to surrender his main passport.

So, one of the benefits is the possibility of visa-free travel to more than 150 countries. These include the European Union, Hong Kong, Singapore. Thanks to passports of island states, you can enjoy free movement around the world without the need to prepare additional documents.

The countries are also famous for their favorable taxation systems. This helps to develop your business in them and attract investment.

If we talk about the differences, the first thing worth mentioning is the cost of real estate, that can be purchased. It is much cheaper to become a Dominica citizen.

For many, this is a determining factor because in other respects, the difference between the island states is small. The fact that the program in this country is more well-established also speaks in favor of Dominica.

It is easy to find stories of people who received the appropriate status here 10-20 years ago, and then, obtained full citizenship and can now enjoy free travel around the world, and develop their business.

In other respects, both countries are similar.

A warm and pleasant climate, quality service, all conditions for business and work are typical for all of them.

Therefore, if the size of the initial investment does not scare you, the first thing to consider are the important factors for yourself.

This will allow you to determine which of the programs will be more appropriate. In any case, you can count on support from the state, as well as assistance in the processing of documents.

Moreover, all procedures can now be done online.

Personal presence is not required, which will allow you to quickly carry out all procedures and enjoy all the benefits in the future.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.