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Spice Up Your Grilling With Fire and Flavor

Spice Up Your Grilling With Fire and Flavor

With Fire and Flavor cedar wraps, you can get the flavor in both the oven and the grill. An easy to use technique that will send your taste buds crazy. These all natural wraps can be used with all your favorite meats, seafood, and vegetables. The mouth watering flavor is something your neighbors will be talking about for weeks. Spice up your grilling with fire and flavor.

Fire and Flavor

About Fire and Flavor

Gena Knox and her husband David are avid cooks and grillers that were looking for something to add to their cooked meals to enhance the flavor  but also be healthy and simple. After exploring the ancient Native American technique, they found that using cedar planks are what they were looking for. They initially started Fire & Flavor out of their garage in Athens, GA. After their business grew, they started developing more items. Those items include brines, charcoal, seasonings, and much more! Each wrap is 100% natural BC western red cedar and HAACP certified.

Cedar Wraps

The wraps are made from 100% all natural western red cedar from British Columbia. All you do is soak the cedar wraps for five minutes in water, wrap the food in the cedar wraps and then steam and smoke your food on the grill or on the stove. Each pack has eight wraps in it.


The Asian seasoning has soy and ginger in it. It is great for seafood, chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables. The seafood seasoning has lemon pepper and herbs. It is great for seafood, salmon, chicken, and vegetables. Each seasoning is all natural. Each container is 2.5 ounces large.

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