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Six Steps For AquaOx Whole House Water Filter Installation Process

Water is fundamental for the survival of the people and animals. For your body to be healthy, you need to be hydrated every time. Despite its importance, you need to consider its hygiene. If this commodity is dirty, you will be vulnerable to hazardous diseases. Below is a systematic process for the installation of a water purification system.

Six Steps For AquaOx Whole House Water Filter Installation Process

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  • Choose the location for the filter

The installation process will commence by trying to figure out the best place to put the sieve. The right place must be accessible. It will be compulsory to change the sieve from time to time. If the sieve is installed in an inaccessible place, it will be hard to replace it. It is also vital to consider a place very close to the shut off valve.

  • Cutting the pipe to install new shut off valve

After identifying the location to place this apparatus, stop the water supply. This process involves the cutting the pipe before fixing a new shut off valve. Cutting is unbearable without stopping the flow of water. It is critical to cut the pipe according to the size of the shutting valve. The manufacturers give specifications that assist the aquaox whole house water filter experts during cutting process.

  • Assemble the parts and mark for cutting

When the new shut off valve is fixed, assemble the whole system again. After completing the assembling process, mark places to install the sieve. The marks need to equal the size of the sieve. The marking process is sensitive and it needs accuracy to elude repetition of the entire process. Use the end of the cut off valve to mark accurately.

  • Install the filter

After cutting the pipe, it is connected back to the system to install the sieve. It is necessary to put a nut on both ends of the sieve and tighten the rings. This is necessary to prevent excess water from leaking. After completing the fixing process, turn on the water. While the water is flowing, try to check whether there are any leaks.

  • Add a jumper cable if needed

The sieve should not interfere with the electrical system or connections to the pipes. When electricity and water are in contact, disaster becomes inevitable.If you have electrical connections on the ground,install a jumper cable. This cable acts a safety measure to prevent the sieve from interfering with the electricity. If you do not have electric connections, fixing the jumper cable is not essential.

  • Grounding the sieve

To ensure the sieve is securely fixed on the ground, use two clamps on either side of the sieve to hold it tight on the ground. These two clamps act as reinforcements to the sieve. The contractors use copper wires to act as the two grounding clamps. Copper does not easily get rust.

  • Usage and maintenance

After completing the installation process and it is working well, enjoy taking the purified water. However, to have constant flow of clean water, have a proper maintenance program. Suppress any dysfunction before it culminates to a bigger problem.

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Richard Trethewey is a plumbing expert with years of experience working with the Aquaox whole house water filter. He has written many articles regarding home remodeling and water filtering. For more information check this website

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