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Show Your K9 Some Love This Valentines Day

   Fur babies need special treatment on Valentines Day too. After all, they can always be counted on for unconditional love, so really, this holiday is perfect for them! Today I want to tell you about K9 Granola Factory. They have so many yummy goodies for your dogs.

K9 Granola Factory’s Treats Taste Yummy, and are GOOD for your fur baby

   Just like we want to feed our children a healthy diet, we also want to feed our furry kids healthy foods as well. That’s where K9 Granola Factory comes in. They create handmade goodies that your dog is sure to love, and you’ll be happy knowing that you’re giving them something healthy.

   The folks at K9 Granola Factory were cool enough to send us their Valentines Day goodie box. As soon as the UPS man left, Bayleigh was all over the box. She could smell the yummy snacks inside, so we quickly dug right in. Josie came right over as soon as mommy pulled out the inner box. There were three kinds of snacks inside, so let’s talk about them each for a bit.

Soft Bakes Peanut Butter Cup

   Peanut butter seems to be loved by all dogs. I know it’s definitely a favorite for my girls. So this was the treat they tried first. These amazing snacks are corn and wheat free, so they’re perfect for dogs with allergies. They are soft baked granola treats with rolled oats, peanut butter, and carob. Both girls gave them “TWO PAWS UP!” I think they would easily be able to eat them all in one sitting if I let them.

Soft Bakes Cinnamon Roll

   These yummy little treats are made with rolled oats, honey, and cinnamon. They smell fantastic, and must taste that way too because my girls ate them in one bite. Just like the peanut butter ones, these are also corn and wheat free.



   I love macaroni cheese, and so does my Josie. So when I saw that one of the kinds of treats that K9 Granola Factory sent my girls was Mac N’Cheese, I was stoked for them. My girls both woofed these down instantly! ( ← See what I did there! :) ) Seriously though, they love them! Bayleigh can reach where I put them and keeps bringing them to me.

What we think

    As you can see, my girls give all three flavors “TWO PAWS UP!” As their human mommy that means a lot to me. It also matters that they are good for them too! I think one of my favorite parts of K9 Granola Factory is that when you read all the ingredients, you don’t wonder what they are. They could easily be consumed by a human (not that I’m encouraging it,) so you know they’re perfectly safe, and also great for your fur babies. Not only that, but they’re from Pennsylvania, and I love that they’re from my home state. Let’s not forget they’re made and packaged in the good old USA.

    K9 Granola Factory has a TON of other flavors, and really adorable edibles for your fur babies. They’ll make the perfect Valentines Day (or birthday, or even every day) gift for your four-legged children. To see what they have, head to their website, or to White Dog Bone Company. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.