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It is 2015 and if you have little girls and you have a tablet or computer – they know about the newest craze – Shopkins. In fact they have been around for at least a year and we are already on its third season – yep season 3. We have quite a few of the 1st and 2nd seasons but we are patiently waiting on season 3 – or I am – my girls ask about just about every day.

I know they are out because all you have to do is type in the word Shopkins on a computer and up pops all the video bloggers opening season three – then its own web site says – coming summer of 2015 – so still waiting and looking.


Why do I love Shopkins? Why are moms, with little ones (my youngest just turned 3) really liking these cute little figures? It says on the package not intended for kids 3 and under, but ours has been playing with them since last year. Well, I give you a quick list:

  1. I have a daughter who just turned 10 and I have a 3 year-old – they both love them and it has helped my youngest with her memory. I’ve been amazed that she knows most, not all, but most of their names and will correct me when I am wrong! And, that doesn’t bother me (for the most part).


  1. They are great for pretend play. In fact, my sister-in-law is a teacher and when she saw how my youngest interacted with the Shopkins and played with them – she was impressed at how she handled them and how it helped her dexterity. I had not thought of that, but I watched again and was amazed at how she handled each one separately and placed them where she wanted – it was pretty incredible.



  1. I am the last person to talk about being organized, but we have created a little room for our girls (and us) and we have several drawers to put their toys in – they each have their own for Shopkins and when we ask them to clean up (it’s a bit of a ‘do I have too’) but with the new room it’s not as bad and easy for them to put away.


  1. They girls seem to be more accountable of their toys. They seem to both understand, especially the youngest one, that this is my sisters Shopkins and these are mine – pretty good, I think for a 3 year old.


  1. I enjoy them, too! I look for them at stores, I look for games and any kind of Shopkins – you can find them at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R’ Us and on-line. Those are the stores near my home and work, but they really are cute and clever, and if you go to ebay you will quickly discover how much some of the Shopkins are running. Season 1, especially, you can get one of them for about $3.99 – a common one, and a box of two at a store is about $2.99 if not more, now.


These are great toys and if you have girls and have not already heard about them – then you haven’t been on youtube. I would also like to hear what you like about them.


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