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Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

The most wonderful time of year will soon be here before we know it! As we gear up to check off our gift lists, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by endless options.

But taking a deep breath, making a plan, and getting creative can turn frenzied shopping into quality family time.

First, have an open discussion with your loved ones about toning down the materialism this season. Find fun, budget-friendly ways to make heartfelt gifts and memories. Support small businesses and artisans for unique, meaningful finds.

And don’t forget the joy of giving back – volunteer together as a family or donate to a cause in someone’s honor.

The holidays are not about stressing over expenses or finding the perfect item. They are about celebrating the people and passions that matter most. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more heartwarming than the smile of someone who just opened the perfect gift!

Peak Revival-X

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Looking to regain your peak vitality? Peak Revival-X offers targeted natural health solutions to help get you there!

Crafted with scientifically proven compounds, each of their formulas provides true support for the pillars of a vibrant body – the liver, gut, and even inflammatory response.

It can be hard to find the perfect means of peaking your vitality. Peak Revival-X has the perfect options to consider, especially with the holidays around the corner. We’re talking about a line of products that feature a signature blend of sulforaphane glucosinolate, tauroursodeoxycholic acid, fadogia, agrestis, turkesterone, and tongkat ali.

But what does all of this do?

This blend works synergistically to boost liver function for improved detoxification, balance gut microbiome for increased immunity and nutrient absorption, and modulate inflammation for easier weight management.

Thoughtfully designed by leading researchers and validated by rigorous lab testing, Peak Revival-X empowers you to revitalize your body and mind the natural way. The products they have include:

Experience the Peak Revival-X difference and unlock your highest potential today.


Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Staying hydrated with clean water is effortless with this revolutionary filtration system from LANG. In only 4 minutes, it pumps out 1 liter of refreshed, mineral-rich water tailored for optimal health.

The innovative 3-step system starts by reverse osmosing tap water to eliminate sediment and contaminants, leaving pure H20. Then, it infuses the perfect balance of essential minerals and light flavors your body craves.

The result? A crisp, clean drink that energizes you from the inside out.

Unlike boiled tap water, it adds back beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium.

And unlike store-bought water, it contains no additives, sodium, or microplastics – just purity your cells recognize and absorb. Its reusable mineral/flavor pod also cuts plastic waste for eco-friendly hydration on demand.

With just a button push, enjoy unlimited bottles of customized water that taste as fresh as a mountain stream. Stay cleanly hydrated and energized 24/7!

Ashley Holt Signature Baking Tools Set

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Ashley Holt’s new collection at New England Knives is a must-have for any cooking enthusiast!

As a collaboration with New England Knives, every piece in the Ashley Holt Signature Baking Tools Set is a testament to her culinary prowess and her genuine desire to empower bakers of all skill levels.

Upgrade your baking experience with this curated deluxe baking tool set, a trio of indispensable baking spats and a versatile bench scraper designed to elevate your culinary creations.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, these tools will become your trusted companions in the kitchen. With all components and manufacturing proudly based in the USA, this set includes:

  • 6-inch Straight Baking Spat – Perfect for smoothing icing, lifting delicate pastries, and more. The 410 stainless steel blade ensures durability, while the two-toned POM scales, featuring a harmonious blend of white and rosewater colors, add a touch of elegance to your baking arsenal.
  • 4-Inch Offset Baking Spat – The offset design provides optimal control, making it ideal for precise icing and decorating. The two-toned POM scales not only enhance grip but also bring a delightful aesthetic to your baking routine.
  • 6-Inch Offset Baking Spat – Whether you’re frosting cakes or maneuvering pastries, the offset design and high-quality materials ensure smooth operation. The two-toned POM scales add a touch of sophistication to this versatile tool.
  • 8 by 4-inch Bench Scraper – Crafted from robust 304 stainless steel, this scraper is perfect for dividing dough, smoothing surfaces, and lifting delicate creations. The combination of durability and functionality is complemented by the warmth of the maple hardwood handle, offering both comfort and style to your baking routine.

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting your culinary journey, the Deluxe Baking Tools Set is designed to inspire confidence and creativity.

Bababoo and Friends® Best Friends Plush Collection

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Bababoo and Friends is an award-winning European brand that has carefully created an unparalleled world full of imagination through its unique combination of books, stories, and high-quality toys that make stories come to life. 

The new Bababoo and Friends Best Friend plush line includes the brand’s five key characters, including Bababoo (lion), Lolo (elephant), Pippa (bunny), Wilma (whale), and Yuki (monkey).

These soft, high-quality plush feature many unique textures and fabrics for a fun tactile experience. Double-layered fabric and embroidered eyes ensure the utmost quality standards, and the premium filler offers a loveable, squeezable feel.

As a special innovation, each character carries an activity picture book made of fabric so kids can roleplay and read aloud fun adventures to Bababoo and his friends. 

Each character in the line also has a fully developed backstory and features relatable personalities that radiate positivity, inclusion, and age-appropriate lessons such as friendship and courage.

Take for instance, Bababoo, who is all about exploring the world with his friends and learns age-appropriate lessons like bravery, tolerance, helpfulness, and friendship.

Bababoo is a bit scared at times, but fortunately, he has wonderful friends like Wilma, Yuki, Fairy Bunny Pippa, and Lolo, who all support and encourage him!


Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

The dawn of a new year can usher in feelings of anxiety, sluggishness, and burnout after the excitement of the holidays fades.

Finding tranquility amidst the chaos can prove difficult.

However, the Moonbird handheld breathing coach offers relief through customized guidance for meditation anywhere, anytime.

Mimicking the pace of a serene yoga instructor, Moonbird provides a calming rhythm to ground unrestful minds with each inhale and exhale. As you flow through the cycles of controlled respiration, tensions dissipate while energy and mental clarity emerge.

So when the stresses of daily life become overwhelming, let Moonbird help you find your center.

With consistency, your mind-body connection strengthens, facilitating a brighter, more resilient year ahead.

Start following the peaceful prompts of guided breathing, and watch inner stillness replace seasonal anxiety as your new normal.

Moss Bags

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Versatile, functional, and stunning! This eye-catching triangle sling bag is designed with ultimate comfort and function in mind!

It is convenient and perfect for all seasons. With a unique approach and handcrafted using full-grain leather, the Triangle Sling Bag is sure to become an everyday favorite.

Wear it on your back, in front, or on your shoulder with the adjustable strap. Available in four colors.

Founded by Julie Simon, this small, woman-owned business designs made-to-order leather goods offering a minimalist look to handbags, backpacks, and other accessories.

The unique collection features timeless pieces that you’ll have in your wardrobe for years to come.

All Inclusive – Signature Color Chain

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

This eye-catching, unique signature color chain is sure to turn heads this season! This bold chain necklace made of brass and rhodium is equipped with a magnetic lock mechanism for simple and secure fastening.

It is available in two lengths: 18” and 24”, and is available in seven colorways: Summit, Industry, Açai, Ash, Parakeet, Raspberry, and Duke.

All Inclusive is a brand for everyonespecializing in jewelry made using entirely of recycled brass, zircon crystals, and a variety of painting processes, featuring custom color palettes created in-house to provide signature colorways that coat the pieces.

Each colorway is a nod to sneaker culture, where every pair is given a unique nickname based on their color combinations.

The colors are meant to communicate that while we all look different from the outside, we shine equally bright from within. Inclusivity, community, and the planet are at the core of everything All Inclusive does.

The brand searches for uncommonness, challenges exclusivity, and makes waves instead of riding them.

Drinkmate Italian Syrups

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

With Drinkmate, you can be creative and explore new sparkling drinks that weren’t even possible to make before! But what if you have a taste for something specific, like the taste of Italy?

Italy is world famous for great citrus products.

Which is why Drinkmate has decided to source their new premium syrups from there. Drinkmate Premium Italian Syrups are officially here!

Crafted using high-quality ingredients straight from Italy like real cane sugar and natural flavors, each 17 oz bottle contains just 80 calories and 21g of sugar per serving for guilt-free sipping.

With no added preservatives, these syrups derive their long two-year shelf life right from the bottle itself — our proprietary icy-effect glass chilling technology locks in flavor peak freshness.

Just a spoonful of syrup makes up to eight ounces of deliciously fizzy Italian soda. So step up your drink game and experience the difference in authentic Italian syrups made the traditional way, naturally.

Bakesale Gingerbread Liquor

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Introducing this incredible Limited Release Holiday flavor from Bakesale: Gingerbread Liquor!

Packaged in adorable Gingerbread-man pouches, Bakesale Gingerbread Liquor tastes like the Holidays in a glass and makes you want to curl up by the fireplace.

Bakesale Gingerbread is wonderful as a holiday gift, an automatic hit at Holiday parties, and perfect to keep around the house during the Holidays for Holiday drinks!

Fun fact! To drink or pour Bakesale Gingerbread Liquor out of its pouches, you have to tear the heads off of the adorable little gingerbread men! Just a few extra details include:

  • 33% ABV Gingerbread Liquor
  • Gluten + Dairy Free
  • Hang holes in each pouch make them easy to hang as decorations on trees or wherever

DMC’s “Stitch Your Photo”

Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Show your loved ones you care by giving a handmade gift this holiday season.

But finding the time and confidence to make something by hand can be daunting during the busy holidays. That’s why DMC’s “Stitch Your Photo” service would be perfect!

For the crafters in your life, you can turn their favorite photos of children, pets, vacations, and more into beautiful cross-stitch patterns with just a few clicks.

Simply upload the photo, and you will be emailed a detailed color cross-stitch pattern, complete with codes for the DMC thread colors you’ll need for the project. 

Starting at $9.99 based on the size of the pattern, this is a great way to add a personal touch to a last-minute gift or stocking stuffer. 


Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Baketivity is a brand that helps kids learn, grow, and explore their interests, all while providing families with fun activities for unparalleled quality time.

Parents can order Baketivity as a single kit as they wish, on a monthly basis, or every 3 months, 6 months, or year.

From there, Baketivity ships a kit right to your door, each one with a fail-proof recipe, activity booklet, and pre-measured ingredients.

That way, there’s less mess to clean up and more time to enjoy the treats together as a family. Baketivity has been included in the official GRAMMYs gift bag, the first annual DIVAS!

Simply Signing gift bag (was gifted to celebs like Jordin Sparks, Laverne Cox, Niecy Nash, Sheryl Lee Ralph, ETC.), and is loved by Reese Weatherspoon! 


Shop For The Holidays With A Number Of Options To Consider

Children with congestion and coughing can’t sleep well through the night and would if they were able to sleep at more of an angle. Introducing the Tum&Bum!

It’s an angled, incline sleep chair that can help alleviate coughing symptoms naturally and help them get the rest they need.

Everyone in your home will sleep better too! It’s a holistic answer to an age-old problem for parents.

Tum&Bum was created by Brad Drake, a dad with three children who wanted to find a way for them to sleep at a slight angle when they were sick. That’s because lying flat when resting or sleeping prevents the sinuses from draining excess mucus and causes inflammation.

Made for toddlers, this organic sleep aid’s simple, efficient design creates a slope to drain mucus and ease congestion. 

Tum&Bum’s comfortable, supportive surface promotes clearer breathing and less coughing, sniffling, and sneezing. You’ll notice the difference, and so will your kids!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.