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Selling Your House Without An Agent: What To Know

Real estate agents take care of many things when selling a house, but eliminating them can end up being a great decision for you.

If you are thinking about listing your house, you should find out what realtors do.

Knowing what they handle and how they do it can give you a head start in the house selling business.

The process will be anything but easy; you should brace yourself for the challenges that come with the real estate market.

However, if you sell your house without an agent, you will save all their commission on the selling price.

Selling Your House Without An Agent: What To Know

The profit will make it worth all the efforts and time you would have dedicated to the sale of your house.

These are some things you need to know before listing your home.

Your House Need To Be Ready For The Sell

Before you start allowing strangers to visit the house and look around, give it a deep clean first.

The first impression will mean a lot to the potential buyers; make sure the house has clean floors and surfaces.

After cleaning, you should fix anything that needs fixing before opening the house to buyers; plumbing, locks, broken appliances, or cracks need to be taken care of.

Get a handyman to help with the fixtures; everything needs to be working properly.

Then stage the home to attract more people; considerable research shows staging helps sell the house faster.

Depersonalise the house by removing framed photos, awards and other personal items.

You can leave some furniture to help in staging the house; it should be warm and welcoming.

Do not forget the outside because that’s where everyone sees first!

Be Realistic With the Pricing

No matter how sentimental the house is to you, please don’t make the mistake of overpricing it.

The price should be just right, not too high, and not too low.

This shouldn’t be a problem considering that there is no agent to share in the cost.

Some websites can help you in determining the market value for your home.

The price of your home will be determined by the location and the local market conditions.

The pricing should match the online price range; buyers mostly search the house by the price range they can afford.

If your house price is too high or low, it will not appear when potential buyers search for homes online.

You should find out how much other houses cost around your area to be competitive.

If you want to sell faster, don’t be afraid to set the price a little lower to attract buyers; people always want quality at an affordable price.

The most important thing is to sell your house quicker and bank the maximum profit from it.


Back then, you would only stick a ‘for sale sign’ in the front yard, and that was it.

But with the internet, you have many ways to market your house.

Since you are not using an agent, you will need to take up the marketing initiatives yourself and reach as many potential buyers as possible.

Consider using listing services and their website, it will cost you a small fee, but the house will be available to many people.

If you didn’t have any social media account, this is the time to get it, create accounts with the big networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Selling Your House Without An Agent: What To Know

Snap some quality photos of the house and post them. Make sure you are active on social media to interact with potential buyers.

Create a virtual house tour because most buyers will start their searches online before doing a house visit.

Exploit every form of advertising like using brochures and business cards so that you can sell the house within the shortest period.

Organise an Open House

The open house will be your big debut; you have to get everything right.

If you have never organised one, you can go around other open houses in the area and take notes to help you prepare accordingly.

Without an agent, the potential buyers will expect to interact with you directly when they visit the house; it’s important to be a gracious host.

You should provide some refreshments on the site and make sure to welcome each of the potential buyers personally.

You can get the guests’ phone numbers, emails and names with a signup sheet at the entrance; that way, it will be easy to contact any of them if there is a need.

When staging the home for an open house, be sure to include updates that your potential buyers will respond to.

Show them the house’s assets first when taking them on tour; it’s the best way to get the buyers hooked.

Welcome feedback from them, so you know how interested they are in the house.

Set the tour at the end of the week when most people are not working.

The real estate agents handle all the legalities, but you should be prepared since you are doing it yourself.

No matter where your house location is, there are laws that govern the transactions in real estate.

It will be easier when you assemble all the documents needed to complete a house sale before you list the home: closing the deal will require more than a smile and a handshake.

Some of the documents you will need to prepare are financing and mortgage documents, tax records, and home improvement receipts, among others.

Most of this paperwork is handled online nowadays, but you may also need to produce a hardcopy in a few instances.

Make sure that before settling for a buyer, their mortgage and tax documents are in order to avoid future problems.

You can involve a real estate lawyer to help you with the legal paperwork during the sale; they can help you avoid delays in the process.

Selling Your House Without An Agent: What To Know


Selling house without estate agent is great because you will be in total control of the selling process.

You will avoid the agent’s commission, which means more money for you at the end of the sale.

Because you know a lot about your house than any agent would, you can use the knowledge and stories you have about the house to help you close the deal.

The process will require a lot of time; you should always be available to go for field visits when you are needed.

If you do some research before listing your house, it will be helpful, especially when you sell a house without an agent for the first time.

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