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Ready To Replace Old Light Bulbs? SANSI Has The Perfect Bulbs

“SANSI is a world leading innovator of LED applications in Signs, Displays, and Lighting.  What started as a single LED sign board for the China Stock Market in 1993, has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise capable of engineering the world’s most efficient 100W LED replacement bulb (2014). Sansi has produced over 100,000m² of LED Displays and 15,000 LED Highway Signs since 1994, and 500,000 LED light fixtures since 2007.  We have reached over 40 nations in 5 continents and continue to expand globally. “

Sansi 17W LED Bulb


With father’s day just around the corner. The old question pops up again, “What does Dad NOT have?” And then I found these amazing bulbs! Because they combine two of the things my dad talks about. I just know they will be a hit. Not only do they save money but they are energy-efficient. And have a long life service of 22.8 years. **This is based on 3 hrs per day. So he won’t have to change the light bulbs as often!


Those rings around the top of the bulbs are actually patented ceramic heat dissipation technology. And the hollow-out structure will improve cooling efficiency, which also prolongs the lifespan of the bulb.


They are more stable because the ceramic that is used will keep the bulb insulated, heat dissipated and high temperature and corrosion resistant. So these bulbs will be more stable while saving you money and energy! Simply swap out your old bulbs to these new LED bulbs and start saving! While enjoying clearer and more efficient lighting to your home. Oh my dad will love these bulbs. What else can you get the man who has everything? I can’t wait to explain all of the benefits to him. I’m sure your father/husband will love these as much as I do!

Just for Kelly’s Thoughts On Things readers! Use the code SAILBOAT ( expires 6/30/2017 11:59 pm PDT ) for 25% off. Purchase yours from Amazon.

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