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Ecuador’s Chocolate and Roses

Chocolate and roses are sure to be a winner in a woman’s eyes. How can you go wrong with that perfect combination? What if you wanted to take it up a notch and try premium chocolate and roses from Ecuador. Ecuador’s chocolate is considered the best in the world, barely 5% of cacao produced in the world is given the prestigious label of Fine Aroma and Ecuador produce nearly 63% of that fine aroma flavored cacao worldwide. Sense Ecuador can help make you a winner this holiday season.


Sense Ecuador is an experience destination for curated, premium products, and gourmet foods from all regions of Ecuador. Expert artisans and environmentally conscious farmers from Ecuador make exclusive flowers, gourmet specialties, and accessories. Their process ensures that you receive the highest quality products. In return, the persons and communities receive the benefits of your purchase. Whether you want a taste of chocolate, surprise a loved one with beautiful roses, handcrafted Panama hats or apparel created with comforting Alpaca wool, Sense Ecuador can provide it.

I received the Superfoods Chocolate Pack with Chia, Quinoa, Golden Berries & Banana. These unique chocolates are made with premium organic cocoa beans grown in the tropical lowlands of Ecuador, the most biodiverse country on earth. Its ‘Arriba’ variety brings an unequaled depth in aroma and flavor. They are very rich in flavor, creamy and I love the ingredient combinations. Not only do they taste great, but they are healthy for you. They also will be wonderful in baking desserts this holiday season.

Ecuador's Chocolate and Roses


I also received the Courage Preserved Roses. The packaging and display of the roses are breathtaking. They would make the perfect gift for your family members, your bosses, your significant other, and your mom. They are also special because the roses can last over 6 months without water.

Ecuador's Chocolate and Roses

Show someone that you care this holiday season with Ecuadorian chocolate and roses. You will make that special person smile, you will also be giving back to the communities in Ecuador. It is a win all around. Plus, shipping is free to the US.

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