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Remarkable Roles Of Face Mask In Prevention Of Infectious Diseases

Face masks are personal protective tools used to prevent the spread of respiratory infections.

They fully cover the nose and mouth of the individual wearing them. If properly used, it can effectively help prevent viruses and bacteria from one person to another.

These face masks are also known as surgical masks.

They are often used to prevent the spread of virus-related infections from one person to another.

These face masks always fit the individuals loosely, enabling the wearer to breathe with ease and prevent them from spreading and getting access to large sprays and droplets.

The masks prevent hand-to-face contact, leading to the transmission of the viruses from the contaminated hands to the mouth or nose.

Remarkable Roles Of Face Mask In Prevention Of Infectious Diseases

These masks prevent the spread of viruses over a short range of droplets of coughing or sneezing.

Who Should Wear The Face Mask?

Only those with signs and symptoms of respiratory infections should wear Surgical Mask. Another group of individuals would include the doctors and relatives attending to such patients.

But with the current Corona Virus pandemic, doctors worldwide have advised everyone, whether healthy or infected, to put them on.

The governments even made it mandatory in the effort of trying to control this dangerous disease. Since the face masks can be limited in supply, they should be well utilized.

In case of shortages, those infected should be given priority over their fellow healthy citizens.

The Right Way to Put on the Face Mask

Before wearing the mask, one should check on the manual on how to do it.

Then he should clean both hands with soap and running water and take about twenty seconds before putting them on.

The face mask should not be touched on the front part when wearing it to prevent the chances of contaminating it.

If that happens, the individual should wash the hands again to clear off any bacteria or virus that would have been initially on the mask.

There should never be left any space or gap between the face mask and the wearer’s face.

How to Dispose the Used Face Mask

When the use of the mask is over, it should be carefully removed without touching its front part then carefully discarded in a closed dust bin.

Remarkable Roles Of Face Mask In Prevention Of Infectious Diseases

The hands should again be washed upon the disposal of the used face mask.

This helps to destroy the viruses that would have been trapped by the mask on its outer part and touched by the user upon the act of disposing of the face mask.

The face masks are not to be recycled or washed for re-using again.

General hygiene is the most essential factor that helps minimize respiratory diseases.

Hand hygiene is the most sensitive of all. They should be washed as often as possible.

Besides wearing Surgical Mask, one should also avoid touching their body parts such as nose, mouth, and eyes before washing their hands.

The utensils and other household items should also be kept clean. When one gets infected, he or she should remain indoors to avoid infecting others.

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