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Rediscover Santa’s First Origin Story

I’m not going to lie. I wanted to read this book as much I wanted my son to experience it. Let’s rediscover Santa’s first origin story together. Pour some hot chocolate, and get cozy!

Rediscover Santa’s First Origin Story

In 1921 a talented author wrote a very special story for The Ladies Home Journal. Her name was Sarah Addington, and what she wrote was the very FIRST origin story of that jolly man we all love, Santa Claus. In 1922 her story was made into a book and beautiful illustration by Gertrude A. Kay were added.

origin 1

Now, almost one hundred years later, a new generation gets to experience The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane. And we all owe some thanks to Pamela McColl Grafton and Scratch Publishers for bringing back this classic for us all!

From a Boy to the Man We All Know and Love

In The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane we meet Santa as a boy. A boy with a bunch of younger siblings. As the eldest of the Claus he children, he loved to make toys for his family. He also loved to give away sweet treats to all the neighborhood children, from his father’s bakery. So much so that his father was afraid there wouldn’t be enough to sell.

origin 2

It was his grandmother Mother Goose that spoke with King Cole to get a now grown Santa, a castle of his own. Santa, and his new bride, the candle stick maker’s daughter moved to their castle in the North Pole, and that’s how his toy shop began.

So Much More

This is just a tiny peek into the lore and beautiful tale written by Addington. Not only is this book magical and gorgeous, but it’s sure to be a new classic loved by young and old. There are even some important lessons to be passed down to our own children, and ourselves from this story.

origin 3

I am loving this book! My eleven year old doesn’t care to read, but loves to be read to. So together we are experiencing The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane, and it’s been amazing! I can’t think of a better way to spend time this holiday season!

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