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A Quick Guide to Types of Scholarship Programes

A lot of people often get intimidated by the word scholarship. In many students’ minds, a scholarship is only awarded to students – or wannabe students – with outstanding academic records. Although there are plenty of academic scholarship programs to pursue, this isn’t the only type available. In fact, the most popular scholarship programs are not based on academic performance at all. To help you understand more about the different types of scholarships, here’s a quick and easy guide.

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Unusual or Unique Scholarships

I’m going to start with this type: unique scholarships. As the name suggests, unique scholarships are given to those with unique talents or abilities. The talent can be anything from modern art to the ability to speak Klingon; yes, that last part is actually true.

Unique or unusual scholarships are always available every year. There may not be a lot of them to pursue, but they are still very interesting nonetheless. I remember reading about a scholarship program for those who are good at playing a particular type of video game.

What’s interesting about unique scholarships is the spirit behind it. This type of scholarship really suggests that anyone can get awarded, even when they think their special abilities are not scholarship-worthy.

Group-based Scholarships

This next one is also very easy to find. Group-based scholarships are scholarships awarded to those belonging to a certain group. It can be a scholarship for women, a program for the LGBT community, scholarships for minorities and many other similar programs.

There are other qualifications to meet, of course, but this type of scholarship also doesn’t require you to have stellar academic records. You may be asked to complete certain tasks in order to be eligible for the program. For instance, you could be required to write an essay about subjects related to women to get the scholarship.

Backed by a lot of organizations, group-based scholarships also come in different forms. You can expect anything from a full scholarship to a tuition-only coverage, depending on the grant you’re applying for. There are even programs that will cover anything from books to research costs.

Athletic Scholarships

Naturally, we can’t talk about scholarships without talking about sports-related programs. There are indeed a lot of them to choose from. Whether you’re a good runner or an avid golf player, there is a program for you. Athletic scholarships are also available in different forms, although most of the programs will cover all of your costs.

You don’t have to have outstanding academic records to be eligible for an athletic scholarship. Learn more about programs through websites such as and you’ll find a wide range of requirements for different scholarships. That said, you usually have to maintain a certain level of athletic performance to get the grant.

These are just three examples of alternative types of scholarships. Even if you don’t have perfect academic scores, you can still go to college on a scholarship through these amazing opportunities. All you have to do is find the right scholarships to apply for and start applying right away.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.