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Practical Gift Ideas That Are Useful For a New Mom

When you become a new mom, life can change completely. It changes in so many good ways but to start with; a new mom might feel a little overwhelmed. There will be so many gifts being given for the new baby. So sometimes it is nice to be able to get your friend or family member a gift of her own. It is great if gifts can be useful, though. The idea of a gift certificate to a spa might sound great. But in reality, when is that going to happen for a new mom. Not for a while. But there are things that you can get her, to help her feel more like herself again. There are also things that will help in a practical way in her new role as a mother. So here are a few practical gift ideas to give you some inspiration. I’d love to know if there is anything else that you would add to the list?




Blackout Blinds


This might sound like quite an odd thing for a gift. But as any new parent will know, they can be a lifesaver! If you have a newborn that doesn’t like to sleep very much, it is easier to get them to sleep if they are in a dark environment. It can even be beneficial to the mother, as it means that they will be able to nap more easily. It is all about sleeping when the baby sleeps in the early days! You can look at types of blinds and the prices you would be looking at, at






There is nothing better than a new pair of comfy jammies to lounge around the house in. They are a great idea for a new mom too. The chances are she will be wearing them a little more than normal to start with. So a cute new pair is always a good idea. It helps if any unexpected visitors pop around early to see the baby. New jammies will look better than an old, worn out pair!


Meals or Baking


To start with, your friend will be tired and busy nursing or feeding the baby. In the in between times, they will be trying to get chores done or get the baby to sleep. So when it comes to the end of the day, it is unlikely that they will have much energy to cook. To start with anyway! So taking over some prepared meals or even with some baking can be an amazing gift to give. It is practical, useful and completely thoughtful. You can find some good ideas for freezer meals here:




Beauty Essentials
Having some new products can be a great treat for a new mom to use in her spare time. Think about more practical things, though. Getting a nipple cream or a stretch mark cream can be good ideas. Even just a new toenail polish or face mask can do the world of good to a tired new momma. A new lip balm, hand cream or hair product are also good ideas.

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