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Portable Blood Pressure Monitor- Easy Buying Guide

Thanks to the advanced technology in 2021, we have reached an era where measuring blood pressure does not need giant machines.

You no longer need to make appointments and visit hospitals with the huge crowds just to get your blood pressure checked.

Technology has invented portable blood pressure monitors that are easily accessible to everyone.

They are called portable because you can take them anywhere. From storing them on the shelf to keeping them inside the purse, blood pressure monitors are easy to carry. 

Whether you are on a vacation or go out more often, the need for monitoring blood pressure can be solved with these portable monitors.

They can also help your doctor to prescribe the medical solution based on your blood pressure result.

It is because monitors can check BP several times at home, unlike hospitals.

Once you are there to purchase a portable blood pressure monitor for home, consider some simple factors to get the device based on your needs.

Portable Blood Pressure Monitor- Easy Buying Guide

Read the important factors to consider below.

The shape of your arm

If your upper arm measures between 17 and 42 cm by circumference, go with an upper arm blood pressure monitor.

These kinds of monitors have a broader array of specialties, like LCD displays. If the measurement of your upper arm goes beyond that, go for a wrist blood pressure monitor.

Wrist electronic blood pressure monitors are suitable for circumference between 13.5 and 21.5 cm.

Your daily schedule

If you travel daily, a compact, lightweight blood pressure monitor will work fine for you.

It should be easily portable and can be carried in a bag. If you have a settled routine that does not require much traveling, the traditional, home blood pressure monitor will be the right choice.

They are easy to operate and have large displays and buttons.

Underlying conditions

Health conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, and obesity can be major factors to promote heart diseases.

It may require you to check your BP more often. For this situation, you should only rely on clinically tested BP monitors.

Checking the measurements with such monitors will ensure that you get accurate results.

Smart monitors

Some blood pressure monitors can show all your readings on your phone.

They can be connected to your phone and you can track all your progress. They make it easier to share the results with your doctor and get it diagnosed often.

These connected devices can make it convenient for people with changing blood pressure readings.

They can track it anytime and even show accurate results at the doctor’s office.

Get a portable blood pressure monitor based on your needs and check the BP easily at any time of the day or night.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.