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Poker As The Meaning Of Life For Canadians

When it comes to the game of poker, there’s a lot of life lessons to learn. Just as the saying goes “life is poker”.

A lot of Canadian players have won a tremendous amount of money playing poker in the past.

However, winning and losing in poker is another thing, compared to the life lesson it teaches us.

Poker has always provided us with enough wisdom for tackling the challenges of life.

According to the view of Michelle Thomas here, with a unique profile here, poker is similar to life, as there’s no guarantee that each outcome will result in a win.

Poker As The Meaning Of Life For Canadians

There are different varieties of risks in playing poker, which is similar to the challenges of life.

That’s not all because poker portrays a lot about life along with a deep meaning that nothing is guaranteed, which includes:

1. You don’t only win when you’re the best

You don’t need to be an expert in playing poker before you can win.

When playing online poker in a new casino, you have to depend on the cards you get to beat your opponent.

In most cases, you might even end up getting bad cards, but still, end up winning.

There are different varieties of poker strategy, which might help you win independently of the cards received.

Some Canadian gamblers are known to utilize tricks like bluffing to scare their opponents to surrender, which can result in a win.

With this, poker games have a meaning related to real life. 

You don’t have to wait till you’re the best to achieve anything.

You have to keep trying every day while learning from your mistakes to achieve your goals.

Sometimes in poker, a player’s courage can lead to the best poker hand.

2. Getting the perfect hand is never easy

While playing poker in an online casino, you don’t expect to win immediately after receiving cards.

The perfect hand is never easy to obtain. Whenever the perfect hand arrives, you get a strong feeling of making the final move.

However,  you don’t get the perfect hand when you need them, just like luck.

It happens when you think everything is about to be over.

Similar to real-life activities, perfect opportunities are hard to come by whenever you’re looking for them.

Opportunities are known to present themselves, whenever you stop searching for them.

For example, you might be searching for a job for a long time without success.

But once you run out of time whilst waiting, you will find the perfect job that will hire you immediately.

Poker as the meaning of life gives people the skill of turning unfavorable conditions into the perfect opportunity.

Poker As The Meaning Of Life For Canadians

Even when you are left with horrible cards in poker,  you will still strive desperately to create an opportunity to win.

3. If you don’t play,  you cannot win

Even though there’s a risk associated with playing poker. 

But you have to understand that without risks, there will be no reward. Just as the saying goes “If you don’t play poker, you cannot win”.

While playing poker,  you bet your money to secure a win, which is similar to making real-life decisions.

In poker, you bet on your chances and expect a win without knowing the outcome beforehand.

Some Canadian gamblers utilize the skills of playing safe, which limits them from acquiring opportunities.

In real life, it’s not everyone that’s willing to risk everything to achieve their goal.

But according to poker lessons,  if you don’t take risks, you will find it hard to achieve what you want.

Great opportunities can only be achieved by taking risks that will yield a massive reward. You don’t play safe when you have bigger goals to achieve.


The game of poker portrays a lot of deep meaning to real-life activities.

Playing poker equips you with impeccable knowledge and strategies that will help you handle the challenges of life.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.