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Plastic-Free Gift Ideas For Kids

So many people want to live more sustainably, especially when it comes to how they are shopping.

Changing the way you buy things is one of the biggest ways you can live a little greener.

When you have kids, though, shopping more eco-friendly can be difficult.

A major change people try to make is reducing how much plastic they buy and use. This can be relatively easy when you don't have children.

Opting for plastic-free alternatives to your regular purchases is pretty simple when you shop in the right locations.

If you have children, you probably know just how much plastic is involved in raising them.

Plastic-Free Gift Ideas For Kids

The majority of this plastic comes in the form of toys andy, though, that aren't made of plastic. Here are just a few examples.


This is certainly something that will be more popular with older children, but a book can be a great gift, especially as you can buy one that suits their interests.

There are so many books for children of all ages and can encourage them to read more.

The majority of books are also free of plastic, making them the ideal gift for those trying to ditch them.


Puzzles went through a brief stage of being seen as boring but have made a bit of a comeback as social platforms like TikTok have whole accounts dedicated to interesting puzzles.

Not only do they help children practice patience but are usually made from cardboard and therefore fit perfectly into a plastic-free lifestyle.

Letter from Santa

Nothing is more exciting for kids of a certain age than a letter from Santa.

These have become more common in the last few years, and many happen to be free of plastic, as most letters are.

A letter from Santa from a place like can be the cherry on top of the cake that is your kid's perfect Christmas.

Wooden alternatives

While some gifts you can buy are naturally plastic-free, others aren't. It can be hard when the child you're buying for has very specific interests that often involve a lot of plastic.

This doesn't mean you have to give up.

If they like a TV show or movie where the toys are all made of plastic, you don't have to just accept it and purchase those toys.

There are so many companies online that create wooden versions of popular toys as well as very specific ones.

Whether it's a wooden sword so they can play pirates or a wooden version of the superhero they love, there are so many alternatives out there, thanks to the internet.

Trying to make more sustainable purchases is very admirable but can be difficult, especially if you are buying for children. I

s great to know that there are options out there for you, though, no matter what your kids' interests may be or what you want to buy them.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.