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Pajama Onesies Make Halloween and Cosplay Fun

Halloween is the perfect time of year for dressing up. Unless you’re like my family, in which cosplay can take place any time of the year. These new pajama onesies make donning a costume not only fun, but cozy too.



Pajama Onesies Make Halloween and Cosplay Fun

Are you looking for a more comfortable costume alternative? How about one that you can wear more than once a year? I mean think about it? Why spend all that money on a cheaply made costume, just for a few hours once a year? If you agree, then look no further than Target. Richard Leeds International makes the coziest onesies (aka union suits) around, and you get them right at Target.

Harry Potter


What do you geek?

Geek is finally chic! No more hiding in libraries or comic book stores. We can finally fly our geek flags freely! So what do YOU geek? Personally I geek many things. Probably too many because my collections are outgrowing my home. However, Target has some onesies that are in my fandoms and I couldn’t be happier!



I think their Harry Potter one is one of my personal favorites. I can put it on, grab some snacks and binge on all of the movies. Liam will join me because he’s a fellow Potterhead too! (Go Hufflepuff!)

That’s not all Target has! They have Princess Leia, so you Star Wars fans can get your buns on! They even have a Minnie Mouse onesie.

Family Onesies

Last Christmas my boys finally jumped into the onesie craze. As a little guy Liam hated his footed pajamas. Which was sad, because there’s nothing cuter and cuddlier than a chubby baby in one piece pajamas. However, now onesies are sans feet, so finally Liam can handle them. (Due to sensory processing disorder, getting anything on his feet is a struggle.)

The boys had so much fun posing for special holiday pictures, parading around our family parties, and waking up in their onesies last year, that my husband and I both decided we were getting in on the fun this year too. I guess you can tell how much our family loves onesies. We decided, however, that we will buy cute animal onesies from instead. They just might outgrow their Harry Potter obsession so we’ll go with classic animal costumes this year for a change.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.