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Organizing Your First Corporate Music Event Here’s What To Do

So your boss has asked you to organize a music festival on behalf of your organization?

Well, that’s excellent news. But this also means you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. Don’t fret!

Organizing Your First Corporate Music Event Here’s What To Do

We are here to save you some sanity, and help you organize the best corporate event. Check out our event planning template.

Clarify The Vision Of The Event

Define why your company is hosting this music festival. Is it to sustain existing clients or attract new ones?

Is it to show potential investors what it is to do business with your organization?

Once you identify the purpose, you can begin planning for the event.

Gather Your Team

Assemble your team and develop a plan. Make sure everyone understands the goal and works together towards achieving it.

Prepare a lineup so that it becomes easier for you to assign tasks.

  • Finalize different parts of the event.
  • Define milestones? Are you going to contact a corporate event DJ or a local band? Who will give the introductory speech, keynote, and the vote of thanks? Are you inviting special guests?

Set A Budget

Now that you have made the to-do list and decided the order, it is time for you to set the budget.

Everything, from the food to the venue and decorations, to iPad rental for events, depends on the funds you can release for the event. So make sure you decide on a realistic budget. 

Are you going to charge an entrance fee to the attendants? Will you distribute coupons for food and drinks?

Once you have finalized the amount you are going to spend, allocate the budget accordingly.

Decide The Location And The Theme

The location of your music festival is one of the most important things that should concern you. So, make sure to choose a safe location.

Also, keep in mind that transportation must be readily available in the area.

Once you finalize the venue, decide the theme of the event. Do you want it to be a little casual or professional?

You can plan other supporting aspects of the gathering according to the theme. 

Find Sponsors

We all know the deal with music festivals.

More often than not, budgets get extended. 

To tackle such situations, you will need additional funds. And the best way to go about it is to find sponsors. 

So reach out to sponsors that associate with your brand well. Strike a deal and enjoy the benefits.

Decorate The Venue

Hire the best event decorators to embellish and brighten up the venue. Make sure they understand the theme of your event.

The decorations can make or break your event.

Don’t Forget About The Menu 

Apart from music, the main highlight of every event is the food. So make sure you finalize a menu keeping everyone in mind.

Try to include multiple cuisines. 

Find out reliable caterers in your area and book them in advance.

They may charge high last-minute.

Hire An Entertainment Company

Contact the best entertainment companies in your area and book the entertainers for your event.

Ask for quotations, check their reviews, and hire one with the best artists on board.

Entertainment Exchange can arrange everything from Jazz trios, piano players, bands, magicians, bagpipers, and various options of entertainment for weddings too.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your first corporate music festival can be a challenging task. And with so many things on your to-do list, you may find yourself stuck at a pint.

But with our event planning template at your disposal, you can make sure this event is a roaring success.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.