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Organic Chicken Feed Keeps Your Home-Range Hens Healthy and Happy Hens Lay Great Tasting Eggs!

It’s estimated that around 12 million people in the U.S. are currently enjoying the mini-farm experience of raising backyard chickens. Chicken feed? What can we do with and about chicken feed, and why should we turn our attention to this? Great questions! Care and consideration are the building blocks and the essential elements that create the foundation of raising livestock. Let’s look at one example: chicken feed. When you consider our responsibility to our community, vocation, the environment, and the connections that link us to the food chain, then it becomes clear how interconnected we all are. Each element is vitally important in its impact on others.

Healthy Chicken Feed is Something to Cluck About

You may be wondering if what your feathered friends eat matters. Absolutely, in the same way, it counts what you and your family’s diet consists of. If you want your fowl weather friends to have the energy needed for laying eggs, regulating their internal temperature, and staying healthy and happy under your care, feed them the quality cuisine, the chicken feed they deserve. 

As one individual was told when she asked a family farmer about feed, “chickens aren’t piggies”—they intrinsically seek the food that comes naturally to them and graze for whole grains, insect protein, and veggies. So, when you use feed created with naturally harvested grub protein from each mix, your flock will enjoy clean protein, innocent and totally free of all artificial chemicals, antibiotics, odd byproducts, additives, and colorant additions.

Let’s go with the excellent grub. Organic, of course, and farm-grown and harvested GMO-free, farm-fresh vegetables and whole grains. You can trust your winged pets are savoring a natural and nourishing feed crafted after the foods they naturally flock towards! Our miniature flock of soft and fluffy livestock knows what they need, so make sure that they have access to good food, air, water, and clean, comfy coop or free-range accommodations on your suburban or rural range.  

When It Comes to Chicken Feed, There’s No Clucking Around

And the well-fed hen provides many rewards. Firstly, there is the primary pleasure of caring for these sweet, simple, diminutive creatures who are trusting, social, and very adorable. Chickens may be your answer if you ever feel mad, bad, or sad. Not surprisingly, chicken ownership shot up during the Covid-19 period. And happily, the delight in housing, caring for, and living with these delightful sentient beings continues. Fans and fowl aficionados praise the very skies and back–and even the box or coop–the feeling of serenity that the proud chicken parent experiences when observing their troop most fowl at play. 

Families with young children, livestock, pets, and all things great and small can teach important life lessons about responsibility and nurturance. The natural beauty of cycling through the lifestyle of chickens is a great way to teach kids responsibility, our interactions, and the need to take care and enjoy our part in the natural world in a way that is doable with a modest piece of land—say, the average suburban backyard, the rural residence, the country cottage. 

And here comes the bonus element. After the satisfaction of caring for and nurturing your chicks, there is something ultimately gratifying about the delight of cooking up a farm-fresh omelet utilizing the fresh eggs found in the sanctity of your backyard coop. Share your commitment to caring for and feeding your flock nature’s finest. Yes, be brave in your affection for and raising your troop of domestic home-range chickens!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.