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It’s Okay To Let Your Little Ones Play With Their Food

Growing up I was taught not to play with my food. I think most of us were. Then I had a son with food and sensory aversions, and I learned that it was okay to play with food. (As a matter of fact, for him, it became sensory play.) In much this same fashion, Pebble toys by Kahiniwalla, are inspiring food play in babies and toddlers alike.

It’s Okay To Let Your Little Ones Play With Their Food

Pebble toys have a line of fair trade rattles and more that are not only precious, but perfect for babies and toddlers. Their food inspired rattles are great for fine motor skills, and inspiring pretend play like cooking or even food shopping.

Free Sha-vacka-doo

Do you remember that Vine with the taco sign? It read “FR E SH AVOCA DO” and the person in the vine said it like “Free Sha-vacka-doo?” My son has stimmed on that saying for a year now. So when he saw Pebble’s Avocado Rattle toy, he had to have it for his cousin.

This fair trade, hand-made artisan rattle looks so much like the real thing. It’s adorable! It’s soft, and perfect for small hands, and babies as well as toddlers will love it.

Avocado food rattle

Mushroom Rattle

Pebble’s Veggie Rattle Mushroom toy is equally as adorable. It looks just like a mushroom. Created originally by Hathay Bunano, it actually started out much smaller to advertise hand-made cane baskets. When they saw how much little kids were attracted to them, they created them bigger and added a rattle. Like all Pebble toys it’s made from one hundred percent cotton with one hundred percent polyester filling. When you buy these handmade fair trade toys, you’re not only getting a toy your child will love, but you’re helping to support hard-working families in Bangladesh.

mushroom food rattle

Nothing beats a slice of watermelon in the summer!

We love watermelon in this house. Pebble has a slice that your baby or toddler can enjoy year around. Not only will they love playing it with, but you can use it as a way to teach them “Five a Day.” Drive home the lesson of five portions of fruits and veggies per day.

You can visit Kahiniwalla HERE, and check out their Pebble toys. Follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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