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New Children’s Book Titles for Spring

    I love to read when time permits, but more than anything I love to read to my son. Sadly, he doesn’t have my love of reading, but he does love to be read to. To me, that’s better than nothing! Today I want to tell you about two new children’s book titles that we just got from Sky Pony Press. 

New Children’s Book Titles for Spring

    I’m always looking for new books to read to my son. Even though he’s ten, he prefers shorter books, because he has an easier time paying attention. When they have pictures, it helps him be able to picture the story. (He’s autistic, so reading comprehension is easier if he’s read to, rather than reading himself.) So recently he got two new titles that we can’t wait to tell you about!

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Lizzie and Lou Seal

    This precious book by Patricia Keeler is so much fun! It will surely put you in the mood for warmer weather, and heading to the beach! Little Lizzie loves her flip-flops! (My son said, “Mom! Lizzie is like you because you love flip-flops too!”) She loves the noises they make when she walks. She also loves her blow up toy, Lou Seal. Lizzie, her flip-flops, and Lou Seal are headed to the beach for a day of fun, but suddenly, her great day has taken a turn for the worse. Lizzie has lost one of her beloved flip-flops. If that’s not bad enough, Lou Seal is losing air! It’s a sink or swim day! What will she do?

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    My son adores the happy and colorful pictures in this book. However, his most favorite part is all of the onomatopoeia’s. He loves to read the “smacks, thwaps, and shuffle,” noises in the book. You can get your copy HERE, and connect with the author on Facebook and Twitter.

Open In Case Of Emergency

    This new book by Richard Fairgray and Jim Kraft, is fun for all readers! Zachary J. Warthog receives a mysterious package at this door. It says, “Open In Case Of Emergency.” However, Zach opens his box every single time a small problem arises. On the hand, Cyrus p. Rhinosaur gets the same box. Cyrus doesn’t open his though. He saves it case of an emergency, just like it says. Suddenly, Zach’s box is missing, and he actually has a REAL emergency! What will he do? The authors take their imaginations and weaves this entertaining story. My son loves it. To get your copy, click HERE

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Sky Pony Press

    To see other titles that Sky Pony Press offers, head to their website. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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