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New Bingo Platform Is Coming To Kiwis

In spite of many objections, Lotto New Zealand made up their minds to spread their venture into innovative segments like online bingo. 

Although there are high chances of risk in games like these, Lotto New Zealand is all set to make the plans into reality. 

Lotto is a state-owned company dealing in the lottery. This movement will create the competition for real bingo sites presented by CasinoDeps that are popular among New Zealanders right now. 

The criticisms and the backlashes are very much against this step but they are determined to prove them otherwise. 

They are planning to publicize themselves among established brands of the industry through a public tender. 

According to the further chalked out plans, the one which is the ablest will take a step forward to develop the product, and launch will take place somewhere around the middle of the year 2022. 

The company is aware of the citizens taking a foot forward and indulging in online bingo at offshore iGaming sites, hence they wanted to come up with their own to serve their own countrymen. 

The company is enthusiastic about creating its own market within its own country. 

New Bingo Platform Is Coming To Kiwis

Apart from the fact that Lotto is already an established brand and already expertise with online sales, almost 35% of the entire profit of the brand comes from purchases that are done online.  

Opinions of Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF) 

In spite of having a brand image, it will not be easy for the brand to build up a new venture abruptly. There are obstacles waiting for Lotto in order to propagate the business in New Zealand. The Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF) demanded complete details of the safety measures for the steps towards responsible gambling; the company is ready to take in order to present to the population another rather addictive form of entertainment.

Although the optimism of Lotto is immense and they are determined to gain success at the new product launch, they do require proving to the Problem Gambling Foundation of their intentions and safeguarding measures for the sake of the citizens.  

Opinions of Andree Froude  

On being asked by the Problem Gambling Foundation about how Lotto is preparing to protect the Pacific community from the obvious hands of addictive gambling, Andree Froude, the Director, mentioned that bingo is a game that displays mediocre risk factors in comparison with slot machines also adding that both bingo and slot machines are equally addictive activities and should be proceeded with caution.

To further clarify his point, Froude explains how pokie machines and bingo both are highly engaging and yet support instant gratification. 

Opinions of Peter Adams  

Adams, an expert on addiction, from the School of Population Health of the University of Auckland, has claimed a different scenario than the rest of the opposition parties. He argued that the step taken by Lotto has pushed it to commit to the gambling industry by normalizing the practice and also reducing the attached stigma around gambling practices.

Moreover, it is the popularity and the hype behind the gambling industry as a whole that is giving rise to the new and improved protection mechanism against any fraudulent activity related to it.

Adams added that the gambling industry can accumulate enough funds for various communities supporting societal causes and can ultimately fuel betterment of the society.

Since bingo is used as a way of creating opportunities for fundraising, it might adversely affect the Pacific community which can be raised as a valid objection to the rest of the factors.

There are chances of addiction as a result of making bingo available online but it cannot overlook the obvious good consequences.

The United Kingdom is an example of how shifting bingo online brought a huge amount of revenue that was generated by the game itself. 

Opinions of Marie Winfield  

The head of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility of Lotto New Zealand, Marie Winfield asserts and assures it is only the improvement of the digital ventures that the company is focusing on.

They are also making an effort to provide safe gambling options to the citizens for better practice of iGaming. 

According to studies, there are around 280000 players from New Zealand that are reaching out for playing at offshore sites which drove them in seeking opportunities to create safer alternatives that are properly regulated and belonging to the country itself.

Their main priority is bringing innovations in safety mechanisms, including steps to prevent underage gambling, letting people practice safe gambling by implementing session and spending limits. 


The launch of online bingo by Lotto is a much-awaited event in New Zealand but with rectifying the conditions that are facing opposition the lottery firm owned by the state is expected to plan a smooth sail for further regulation.

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