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All You Need To Know About Emotional Support Letters

Emotional setback can be really troublesome. If you are not mentally healthy, it will have a direct impact on your daily life. There will be chances of going into a depression phase and you may ultimately have to consult a psychologist for help. Wouldn’t it be great if you can opt for a better alternative than a psychologist? Something that is lovable and would keep your depression miles away and bring those lost smiles back. You need someone who will listen to all your complaints and would not judge you at all. What you need is a pet in your life. They are truly a boon for those who suffer from emotional woes and have been under medication for a long time, but without any positive effects. The best way to combat emotional stress or heartbreak is finding someone who gives you immense joy and animals certainly does that. Be it a pet or service from emotional support animals, you need to have animals in your life in order to become mentally healthy again.

What is the procedure?

In order to opt for emotional support animal services, there is a specific process that has to be followed. Not anyone and everyone is capable of getting this service. So, what exactly are the criteria? For a person to get this service, he/she needs to have an emotional support letter from a psychologist or a mental therapist. Basically, you should be considered emotionally unstable or disabled by a licensed therapist. In fact, a simple letter will not be enough to declare a person as emotionally disabled. The therapist must provide the letter in writing on a letterhead. If you have not seen such a letter before, then you must know what the contents of the letter should be. Typically, the support letter should declare that you are the patient of the mental therapist. Secondly, it should also confirm that because of the mental health issues, there is at least one life activity that gets hampered.

The necessity

The emotional support letter will also declare that the mental issues that you are facing will lead to some intense or serious physical or mental disorder. There should be supporting documents and test results that clearly state that your mental health is seriously disabled. You will also find that the letter has a detailed description of the patient’s medical history and that he/she has been undergoing treatment under the respective therapist. The date of the letter has to be within a year of you presenting all your documents to the service provider.

Animals that you can expect

There is a wide range of animals that can be offered against an emotional support letter. However, all the animals have to be domestic. Normally, the animals can vary from cats to dogs to rabbits to birds to any other animal that does not take up much accommodation. Moreover, the animal has to be domestic. There are plenty of emotional support service providers, but you need to have proper documents to avail the service.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.