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All You Need To Know About the Cow Parade


The cow parade’s prominence has grown through the years following its first display in Chicago in 1999. It has been a great cultural and art show in Chicago and you’ve probably heard of the same parades being held in different parts of the world.

Why Chicago? Well, many people have been trying to get answers on the same but folklore attributes the use of the fiberglass cows in Chicago because of an alleged cow that caused a fire which apparently swept away most of the town. Others think that it is because Chicago was once the country’s largest meat packing location.

All You Need To Know About the Cow Parade

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The cow parade plays a significant role in all the cities that exhibit the fiberglass cows. The main roles of the parades include:

  • Public arts and cultures

The parade is a great way of upholding art and culture. The fiberglass cow monuments are painted beautifully to depict cultures and traditions of the region that parades the cows. Because of the spread of the cow parades, you will find a number of cows painted totally differently from the others.

  • Appreciation of local artists

All of the fiberglass sculptures are normally painted and/ or decorated by the locals. Local business establishments sponsor the decorations and the artists’ work. This is therefore seen as a way of nurturing talent and building community togetherness.

  • Donations

The exhibited fiberglass sculptures not only serve as celebratory statues but they are also exceptionally great fundraising events. After the exhibitions, you will find that the sculptures are auctioned off and the funds received used to fund charity projects.

The underprivileged or the handicapped get community support from proceeds raised in the exhibitions. You should therefore consider this next time you have a charity organization in need of financial support.

Spread of the parade

As a result of the success of the Chicago parades with the fiberglass sculptures, the exhibitions have spread to many other states and countries around the world. In one of your visits around China, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find them showcased there.

Other parades

There have been many other public parades exhibiting other sculptures for specific causes and also building harmony. Guitars in Cleveland, Pigs in Cincinnati, Buffaloes in Buffalo or Mermaids in Norfolk are just some of many beautiful parades you can witness around the world and in America.

Purchase of sculptures

You can always purchase the fiberglass sculptures from online shops whenever you need them for events. They are affordable but very artistic. For instance, you can buy a sculpture with a Picasso painting, Michelangelo, or a Mondrian cow sculpture.

Before buying the sculpture, ensure that the piece captures what you have in mind. It should also be available in the store and also reasonably priced, especially if for use in charity fundraising.

In conclusion, cow parades have inspired many fundraising events for charities in and out of Chicago. The artistic pieces are pristine and wonderfully crafted. The fast spreading of the exhibitions are a great way of inspiring young and local talent and building better communities. In case you are unable to be in a community, why not buy one or more!


Author Bio

Janelle Stuart is a traveler and an artist with passion photography. Through her travels, she has been part of tens of cow parades and the charity fundraisings through auctioning of the fiberglass sculptures. Check out her blog for images on her exhilarating events parades around the world.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.