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Need a Sweet Gift For A Loved One? Think Vegan!

I am always looking for things that are vegan.. Good products made without animal testing or harmful dyes. My granddaughter loves vegan products and I am proud that she does. I found this wonderful website called Grape Cat. They have all kinds of gifts for your sweetheart to let them know they are loved and send a message to them. I got this cool shirt. 

Grape cat Shirt

 The shirt says No one goes anywhere without a Porpoise. It is generously sized and feels good on me. On the back is the Grape Cat Logo and it says Live with Compassion underneath the logo. The site sells tons of products for men, women and children as well as accessories to live day to day. all made without harm to animals or animal testing.

From their website


“The story of the Grape Cat

The story behind the Grape Cat name started years ago when James Lucas had a small t-shirt business. At the time, James was into jazz and was painting quite a bit too. James was inspired by the music to come up with some t-shirt designs, so he started researching old jazz terminology. He found out that in the jazz age, you were a grape cat if you loved wine. James put it on a t-shirt for his wife Christine who loves wine! The design included the term and a clip art design of a cat because Christine also loves cats. When James and Christine were exploring names for their company, Grape Cat seemed like a good fit.

Grape Cat is in beautiful Bucks County, Pa., known for its rolling countryside, historic farms, and an active support of the vegan and animal rights communities. Starting with original James Lucas designs, Grape Cat has grown to be the largest online retailer of animal and environmentally friendly clothing, bags, and accessories for the whole family. Grape Cat prides itself on carrying eco-friendly, and U.S. made merchandise.

“Our customers are individuals who understand that the current mass-market production of clothing is not sustainable, and for those people who want to ensure they’re not buying into companies that exploit animals for profit,” James Lucas says. We stand for individuals who want to buy products that are more compassionate. “Fashion without Cruelty.” Grape Cat’s donates a portion of sales to animal charities including Humane League, Rowdy Girl Animal Sanctuary, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, and Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary.

For James and Christine, Grape Cat stands for more than just a company name; it is a symbol of the freedom to choose a humane lifestyle in honor of animals everywhere, even meat eating cats, and an opportunity to educate people on the benefits of a plant-based buffet for life.

Making The World A Better Place For Animals, People, and The Environment.”

So try them yourself. Check out their site here Grape Cat , facebooktwitterPinterest, instagram

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.