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“An Elephant’s Journey” – A Touching Movie About A Special Elephant

Did you know August 12th was World Elephant Day?  How wonderful it is to have a day for these magnificent, giant, and so many times gentle, creatures! If you love elephants or just want a really good movie to watch with the family, you'll want to check out an upcoming movie, An Elephant's Journey, starring Elizabeth Hurley (TV's “The Royals”) and Sam Ashe Arnold (Adventure Club).

elephantAn Elephant's Journey is about a young boy, Phoenix Wilder, who lost his parents and moves to Africa to live with his Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jack. Once in Africa, he has the exciting opportunity to go on a safari with his uncle. However, the fun excursion soon turns into a frightening disaster as Phoenix becomes separated from the group and becomes lost on the vast and wild land of Africa. While lost, Phoenix finds an elephant stuck in a trap. The boy helps set the elephant free and they soon develop an incredible bond that is like no other. In fact, Phoenix names the elephant Indlovu (meaning “The Unstoppable”). However, the boy and the elephant are not the only ones wandering the African savanna. There is danger lurking around in the form of poachers, who are seeking sources of valuable ivory. Will the poachers kill Phoenix's elephant friend? Will Phoenix find his way back home to his family? You'll have to tune in to find out! You can watch the movie's trailer here on YouTube.

It's A Great Family Movie About An Elephant, A Boy, And More

This is a family-friendly movie that has received the Dove Seal of Approval for all ages, so this would make a perfect movie for family night. The movie is rated PG for “some mild peril and thematic elements.” The movie is wonderful for the sweet and amazing relationship that develops between Phoenix and Indlovu. I also love how it sheds light on the issue of poachers and wildlife crime. I'm not going to make this a “save the wildlife” post, but I appreciate bringing attention to the issue. Look up the statistics for poaching and crimes against wild animals, and you may be shocked (as I was).

The DVD I received contains the following special features:

  • a commentary with the writer and director Richard Boddington,
  • interviews with Elizabeth Hurley and with elephant expert Dr. Richard Leakey,
  • and a featurette titled “Beyond the Journey: An In-Depth Look at Elephants.”

An Elephant's Journey, a Lionsgate release, will come out on DVD, Digital, and On Demand on October 23, 2018.  The DVD is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for $8.96 (price subject to change).

Connect with The Elephant's Journey: YouTube & Amazon


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