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More Than Romance: Here Are 3 Ways to Show Your Family Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is typically considered the most romantic day of the year, and for good reason. Reports show that Americans spent more than $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2019 alone. This includes the average heart-shaped box of chocolates, but it also includes expensive jewelry, romantic dinners, flowers, and more.

While there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the romance of Valentine’s Day, there are countless types of love that deserve to be appreciated on this special occasion. There is love between friends, love between owner and pet, and, of course, familial love.

Since most people will be spending this Valentine’s Day at home, there’s no better opportunity to show your family that you care. This could be between you and your parent, your sibling, or anyone else who lives under your roof. After all, an estimated 4.6 million U.S. households were multigenerational as of 2018. If you’re living under the same roof with a variety of people, showcasing your love for them becomes all the more fun.

Here are some of the best ways you can show your family members that you love and appreciate them this Valentine’s Day:

Craft an at-home spa

Many fun things we used to love have been closed because of COVID-19, including restaurants, gyms, and spas. And if these locations are finally open again, most are operating at a limited capacity for the safety of their guests and employees. If you miss getting pampered at the massage parlor or getting your nails done at the day spa, a DIY version could be just what the doctor ordered.

Most of us have pent-up tension and stress because of the pandemic. Luckily, people of all generations can indulge in this fun Valentine’s Day activity. A home spa just needs a few things to get started: some face masks, generous massages, and plenty of moisturizers to keep your skin glowing. You can even turn it into a crafting party by trying to make your own DIY face masks! Turn on some relaxing music and light candles to set the ambiance. Then, you can take turns giving family members massages, painting each other’s nails, and eating yummy food.

It doesn’t have to be foot massage if you’re not a fan of feet, either! There are three primary sources of tension on the body: the feet and lower legs, the neck, head, and shoulders, and the hands and lower arms. Try looking up how to give a great hand massage — you’d be surprised by how much tension typists, writers, and bankers have in their hands.

Get a little crafty

We once spent all our time making great Valentine’s Day cards for our loved ones. Doing it with the whole family meant spending plenty of quality time together (and keeping your kids’ hands busy to boot). But this year, we might have to get a little creative when it comes to crafts.

Luckily, there are countless DIY Valentine’s options that don’t revolve solely around trading cards and gifts. Here are some popular crafts that you can consider doing with the whole family:

  • Try painting mugs or mason jars with a Valentine’s Day theme! You can get even more creative by using a paint pen to get even more precise lines.
  • Get crafty with clay! Make heart-shaped pins and bobbles or try your hand at making jewelry with polymer clay. Polymer clay is particularly fun since it doesn’t dry out. This is great for parents with forgetful kids or people with mobility issues that need to take their time crafting.
  • Learn a new skill together, like knitting or embroidery. These fabric crafts might not get completed by Valentine’s Day but the holiday can serve as a great jumping-off point.
  • Make Valentine’s teabags. If you love tea (or you know someone who loves tea), this clever craft allows you to choose unique tea flavors all your own. Simply put the leaves you want inside of a heart-shaped coffee filter cutout for a flavor explosion full of love.

Send these crafts as gifts to your loved ones or keep them as a reminder of a fun day spent together. It’s a win-win!

Get practical

If you’re stuck trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, sometimes, simple is best. Many people with jobs and busy work lives are already able to buy most of the things that they need. However, there are always going to be dishes to wash, clothing to fold, and home repairs to tackle.

Oftentimes, the best thing we can do for someone is to simply ease their workload. Most people think of gifts as tangible objects but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If your parent is stressed, vacuuming their room or taking the dog for a walk in their stead can make a big difference (even if it’s small).

Home repairs or new home additions can also be a fun way to switch up your space. After all, everyone wants a change of scenery during a pandemic. Try replacing the HVAC system since they only last for about 15 years. Hang those shelves you’ve been meaning to put up. There are countless ways to improve your space and make it more accessible for your loved ones.

When it comes to sharing love on Valentine’s Day, we can’t forget about all the people we live with. Rely on these tips to make this holiday a little more wholesome this year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.