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MIGHTY Vaporizer: Powerful, Sleek, Stylish

When you ask long-time vapers the best vaporizers out there, there's one name you might commonly hear among the answers: Mighty. It's one of the vaporizers released during the infancy period of vaping and has made a name in the industry with its worth-the-price features back then.

Thanks to the growing demand for vaporizers, manufacturers around the world have been on a nonstop galore to releasing newer and better vaporizers out there – some with faster heat-up times, some with better battery life, and some with a promise of stronger and smoother vapor produced. 

With the new players entering the vaping game, is it safe to say that Mighty still holds its title as Industry Setter?

Here's the answer.

The Mighty Overview


Mighty is a portable herb and concentrate vaporizer manufactured by German company Storz and Bickel, who also manufactured Plenty and Volcano. The company has released its first version of the Mighty vaporizer in 2014. Because of its powerful features such as a hybrid heating system, it became an industry setter in the vape community.

But with newer and more upgraded vaporizers coming out in the market today, Storz and Bickel decided to release a newer version four years later.

Here are the pros and cons of the Mighty Vaporizer:


✔️ Extended battery life

✔️ Produces quality vapor

✔️ Strong build 

✔️ Easy to clean


❗ Not for discreet use

❗ A little expensive for beginners

What's Almighty with the Mighty Vaporizer?

Mighty, Crafty's predecessor, is one of the most powerful portable vaporizers out there. It features a longer battery life, bigger size, and a larger cooling unit atop. The quality of vapor is the same between the two though, so you won't have to worry if you're planning to switch from Crafty to Mighty. If you want something heavy-duty, you'll never go wrong with Mighty.

The device comes with dual battery slots, allowing you to enjoy longer vaping sessions that last for at least 90 minutes (or an average of 8 sessions) before it runs out of juice. It also features pass-through charging, so you can still use the vaporizer while charging.

The vaporizer also features a LED screen on the device, indicating your current heating or cooling temperature. This is extremely handy to monitor if your vaporizer's on the right heating temperature, on the verge of overheating, or had cooled down and is available for use again.

The ease of use is also superb with this one. It doesn't have any confusing buttons or whatnots. The only buttons you'll be messing with here are the up-and-down buttons for adjusting the heating temperature. It doesn't come with a mobile app, but you won't need one since all adjustments can be done in the vaporizer itself.

On Build, Size, Design, and Portability

The Mighty Vaporizer is probably the biggest portable vaporizer we have today in the market. It weighs 230 grams, It's heavier than its 135-gram predecessor and the other portable vaporizers available today. 

With the large size and sort-of bulky build, Mighty may not be the best choice if you want to be discreet when vaping. Sure, it would still fit in your bags or pouches, but the same can't be said when putting them in your pocket. It's like carrying one of those huge smartphones in your pocket – it's uncomfortable and keeps banging on your skin when moving.

Staying true to the theme of Storz and Bickel's products, you won't see much awe in the design. The company focuses more on enhancing the performance, vapor quality, and ease of use of its products rather than its outside appearance. 

But what it lacks in design, it makes up for its build. The Mighty might be made of thick plastic, but it has proven to be a durable one, especially for those who love doing outdoor activities. The Mighty is proof that plastic isn't a bad material every time. 

Heating Time and Temperature Options

The Mighty Vaporizer takes 90 seconds to heat up and produce its famous quality vapor. When compared to newer portable vaporizers, this is quite slow. Take the PAX 3 for example. It has upgraded from its 45-second heat-up time to only 15 seconds. 

But with the quality of vapor you get from the 90 seconds wait time, most of its patrons say it's worth it. You'll get that “hit” you're looking for on a consistent basis. 

Vape enthusiasts are also given flexible temperature options, with them ranging between 104-410°F (or 40–210°C). This allows you to adjust your vaping experience to your preference. However, some have pointed out that this range is still low to extracting the best from concentrates.

Quality of Vapor and Overall Performance

One of the reasons why the Mighty vaporizer has gained popularity among vapers is because of the topnotch vapor it produces. The hybrid heating system that comes with it does a good job of extracting the most out of your herbs or concentrates, giving your vapor the dense power it deserves. 


Even the best ones have their not-so-good points too, and the Mighty vaporizer has some. As mentioned, it's not suitable for discreet use. You'll look awkward trying to hide in your pocket. People with smaller hands may find it hard to hold on to the vape for a long time, too. 

Some may find the battery life still short when used outdoors, which may not be convincing despite its $399 price. It's actually more suited to use at home if you don't want a bulky desktop vaporizer occupying much space at home. 

There's the pass-through charging you can take advantage of, but you can't take it with you outside unless you can find a wall plug.

Is the Mighty Vaporizer Still Worth It?

Despite the downsides, the Mighty vaporizer is still proving its stance as an industry setter. It can still keep up with newly-upgraded portable vaporizers out there. If, however, you're planning to buy a vaporizer for sneaky use, this might not be the best option for you. This vaporizer suits the loud and proud type of vapers.

All in all, the Mighty is one of your best vaporizer options if you prefer vapor quality and longer-lasting battery life than portability.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.