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Mia’s Moccs – Adorable And Quality Shoes For Little Ones

Need a gift idea for a baby or toddler? Maybe for a birthday? Or, it’s never too early to start Christmas shopping. I was recently introduced to some adorable shoes for toddlers and babies and I think they’d make a perfect gift for that special little one. They’re called Mia’s Moccs, which are high-quality, adorable moccasins!

Moccs 1

Let me start off by telling you what I think is the best thing about Mia’s Moccs. What is it? It’s that they’re so easy to put on. To be honest, many times putting shoes on a baby or toddler can be a little cumbersome, especially if those little legs and feet don’t want to stay still. That’s probably why someone invented Velcro. Well, Mia’s Moccs are very easy to put on. They have wide openings so they’re easy to put on (and take off). And, they stay on when you need them to because they’re designed with elastic at the top to keep them snug enough to stay on (but not too snug).

Mia’s Moccs has baby moccasins, leather boot moccasins, and rubber sole moccasins. They’ve recently come out with their Magic Collection inspired by Disney. If Disney is not your thing, they have regular looking moccasins in many different colors. They even have a cute set with moustaches on them. And, if the moccasin style is not your taste, they have fringeless moccasins, too.

To make shopping for their moccasins even easier, they provide a downloadable and printable size chart on their website so you can more accurately determine which size to purchase for the child you are buying for.

The set I received is the Black Rubber Bottom Moccasins, which retail for $35 on the Mia’s Moccs website. I truly love the quality of these shoes. The rubber sole is thick, so I think it will last for a long time. From what I’ve seen I think the leather is thick enough to provide for a durable shoe, but flexible enough that they’ll be a very comfy shoe for any child.

Moccs 2

Mia’s Moccs was started by a mother-daughter team, Kim and Alyssia, who are from British Columbia, Canada. They wanted to create a company that provides high-quality moccasins at an affordable price. So, go on over to Mia’s Moccs website and take a look at their selection!  Their moccasins make for an adorable and very functional gift!

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