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Become a Mermaid and Explore the Enchanted World of Enchantails

    Do you have a mermaid lover in your home? If so, then this post is for you, so keep reading. 

Become a Mermaid and Explore the Enchanted World of Enchantails

    I have always dreamed of becoming a mermaid. There’s something about water that centers and calms me. (My son is the same way. Where there’s water, you’ll find us.) Enchantails were created by parents who wanted to make this dream come true for other children.

    Their slumber bags were made for their daughter to be able to become a mermaid. Then the stories of Oceana were created. It has twelve realms to explore and enjoy, while meeting different mermaids. No two mermaids are alike, just as no two girls are alike. Now your daughters can become mermaids too.

enchanted play set

Mermaid Lucienne

    If your daughter is partial to the color blue, then this set is perfect for her. This deluxe five piece slumber bag set comes with a mermaid tail slumber bag, complete with glow-in-the-dark stitching. It comes with a pillow, carrying bag, mermaid wall decals, and  an adventure book starring Lucienne. She is quiet and shy, and prefers the company of her penguin Prince, to other people.

Enchanted mermaid

Mermaid Tasi

    In glorious purple, Tasi’s tail looks so regal. With this set they enter the Mariana realm with mermaid princess Tasi. Each tail is different, just like each mermaid, and each person is different too. Tasi is quick-witted, independent, and artistic. Her sea buddy Copper is a Tiger Tail seahorse.

Mermaid Kelani

    In orange and green, Kelani’s tail is beautiful. She lives in Kumi Tai and is an adventurous and free-spirited girl. With this set, your daughter will be able to enjoy her adventures with their very own tail. Kelani loves to surf, garden, and explore.

Have a Mermaid Party!

    Gather your mermaid loving girls and their Enchantails Slumber sets, and have a mermaid party! You can find fun crafts, and coloring pages to give them hours of fun, right on Enchantails website, and their Pinterest page.

Enchanted Sleeping bag and book

Learn more

    To learn more about each Mermaid princess, while you wait for your slumber set to come, click HERE. To purchase, visit their website

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