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How To Manage Video Files

Managing video files may seem like a hard and tiring task, but it is not. With the right tips, you can be able to get the work done within few minutes. Below are some of the natural and essential tips that you can employ to manage your video files accordingly.

How To Manage Video Files

Name the video

You can efficiently manage your video files by naming them. This is very easy since the cameras save the videos depending on the date and the time they were shot. So, go through the videos and check out the years that they were shot. You can rename the videos by giving them a title related to the event. For example, if the video was your kid’s birthday party, you can rename the video by saving it with their names and the date of the event. Do the same for all the video on the camera or the phone.

Group the videos by tags or folders

This is an essential tip if you have more than one video for a given event. It saves your time when you are searching for videos related to a particular event and space as well since all the videos are displayed on the same page with different folders. Ensure that you have correctly renamed all the videos before you can group them. Also, use the appropriate titles for the folders. If the videos are about your kid’s birthday party, use their name and then a date. For example; “Keith’s birthday party 12.12.2017”.

Move your videos to one device

If you have videos on your camera and phone, you can copy all of them in a laptop. A laptop has an ample storage space, and it is not easy to mistakenly delete the videos unlike on the phone. For safety and easy viewing, convert your files to an MP3, MP4 or any other format you find convenient for you.

Backup the videos

It is quite easy to erase or lose your videos. If the videos are on your phone, it can be stolen, or if you have saved them on a pc or a laptop, they can be crashed by the viruses. So use an external disc for a flash disc to keep all your videos such that if you lose them from the original storage device, you will have them saved on another gadget.

Keep a good record of all your videos

Record all the videos you take per session. This assists you to keep track of all the videos, and if you delete any video from your system, you will quickly notice it. You can draft a notebook while taking the videos and later save the details on a spreadsheet. Include the name of the event, the dates that you shot the videos and also where you stored them.

Managing your videos is not difficult at all as long you use reliable and secure methods. So, utilize the above tips to keep your videos safe and secure to access as well. For more convenience, try to save all your videos on a single device like a pc. Also, ensure you have a soft copy of the videos saved on an external device too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.