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How To Make A Cute Easter Pillow Box

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It is as easy as CUT, FOLD, and GLUE!  Do you want a free way to make some cute pillow boxes you can give out to your family and friends?  Sahara and I are going to make some for my co-workers this week, so I can take into work on Sunday.  We are still trying to figure out what to put in them….CASH, CANDY, LITTLE TOYS, GIFT CARD and so many other ITEMS!

So many ideas how to use these cute pillow boxes:

  • Make gifts for mom, dad, brother, or sister
  • Make gifts for friends
  • Make gifts for classroom
  • Make gifts for co-workers
  • Make gifts for any loved one!

Check out the one I made for my daughter filled with Shopkins!


  1. Print out the design HERE
  2. Get materials: Printed Design, scissors and glue is all you need
  3. Cut around black lines
  4. Fold on red lines
  5. Write who gets the gift and who is giving plus any other message you want on there
  6. Glue on grey strip and bring the other side down to the glue side
  7. Fold one end
  8. Fill with gift
  9. Fold the last end

Make sure you write TO and FROM and add a message if you want! This box is for my daughter.

Gluing was so easy and then fold!

Now isn’t that CUTE!  Perfect little box to put goodies in it and make someone’s day!


Get creative and make these Easter Pillow Boxes this week and please share with us your ideas and picture of your Box.  We would love to see what you would put in these boxes and what does your pillow box looks like.





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Friday 27th of March 2020

thank you for all these awesome tips

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.