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Marriage involves a lot like sending several bouquets, paying movie tickets, and giving your wife so many gifts that make her feel special. Thus, when you want to prove how special she is to you. Then sending her those old gifts won’t make her feel special again. Try and buy luxury gifts for her this time. Whether you are married recently or for a long time or you are single looking for a lover on doublelist classifieds, these personal, useful, and stylish gifts are perfect for showing her how unique and special she is to you. Check out the following list of 10 luxury gifts for wives which you should consider buying for your wife. 

  1. Fashion bag

Your wife deserves to be a special fashion icon. Think of the best luxury gifts ideas for her. Fortunately, you can get a double F leather mini cross-body bag to match her dresses. She can house her camera. It is sold for $850. Your wife can hold it, or wear it over her shoulder or across her beautiful body. 

  1. Runners

Your wife will definitely work smarter with women’s wool runner. The shoe is light in weight and can fit her special moves. The runner is made of materials that make the shoe comfortable and light. The unique S curve array is definitely made to accommodate the flexibility of the feet of your wife and distribute her weight while walking. Your wife’s feet will be dry and cool while wearing it. So, it deserves consideration as a gift.  

  1. Fur coat

Another thing to consider as a luxury gift for special wives is the oversized fox fur coat. This gift is perfect as a presentation before winter. This coat will keep her warm, and it has a big fluffy collar with pockets and on hooks. The jacket is always super soft and charming which makes perfect for wives. The coat is mostly sold for at least $600 based on its quality. You can order the bright red fur, and your wife will look stunning.  

  1. Cashmere sweater 

At times, you can get her luxury gifts like a cheeky cashmere sweater. Let, her enjoy how these materials feel like when having a message with one of Lingua Franca’s sweaters. They are not only cute, but the brand has shown commitment to give charities with the sales of their goods. You will feel great with this gift. Your wife will definitely find it so comfortable and lovely.  

  1. Watch 

You can also consider buying a watch that is sold at $700. This type of watch is durable, fashionable and irresistible. The beauty of the watch sold at that price will make your wife feel very special. Seeing this watch on your wife’s wrist will be lovely.   

  1. Instant Camera 

You can boost your marriage fun by going on sightseeing with your wife. You can enjoy your sightseeing by buying any of the instant film cameras for her. She can at any time connect the camera to her smartphone via Bluetooth. Both of you can enjoy a world of creative photography with the use of that camera and have a lot of fun during the sightseeing.  

  1. Perfume 

You can spice up your wife while going out for any event with perfume. All you need to do is buying a pleasant and expensive one. These kinds of perfumes are made from deliciously summer sorbet, top notes of blackcurrant and violet leaf, heart notes of peach blossom and peony, and base notes of sandalwood and musk. Enjoy the strong, lovely smell from your wife. 

  1. Diamond earrings

Make your wife smile with some precious diamond earrings. Your wife will gain a lot of your attention with these sparkling gems. These earrings have a unique artwork with a brilliant facet and astonishing cut, which would make for a lovely gift  for a wife.    

  1. Silky Pajamas 

She deserves a better sleep with a comfortable woman silky pajama. She will enjoy her sleep with the cute soft and silky pajamas for women. She can as well wear them out. The dark blue color with pink feathers print is made soft silk. This pajamas id a perfect gift you can get for her during summer because it will feel amazing on her skin and allow her skin to breathe and cools. This silky pajama is a great gift idea for your wife.  

  1. Wallet 

You can enhance your love for each other by this gift idea for a wife like buying a leather wrist wallet. She can keep her money in a secret vertical pocket. It can contain items like ID, keys, credit cards, and small items. Any valuable things kept in the wrist wallet are safe. She does not have to worry when she travels, shops, or on vacation. You can get her this Italian genuine soft leather wallet that is durable and suitable for all seasons.  


Your wife is your confidante, your best friend, your life partner, and a woman who fuels your passion. You can show more care by buying luxury for her. Try these expensive gift ideas for wife will not only enhance your marriage but also make her feel loved. Show her how much you care for her. Besides getting a luxury gift idea for wife, you can connect with other people on The site is like every other site that allows people to share their similarities has cool features that let users post their interest. The site has more than 11 million registered users with no charges.  

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