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Make The Kids Laugh With Lunch Box Jokes

Lunch Box Jokes For Kids (Printable)
Printable- Lunch Notes

When my kids were young, they loved when I put in notes in their lunche boxes.  Then when I didn’t put one in I was in trouble when they got home from school.  It is a fun way to communicate with your children when they are at school plus it allows them to know you are thinking about them during the day.  I know I did when my kids were in Elementary School.  Now my kids are in middle school, and they don’t even want me to make their lunches anymore, so enjoy it now! 

Here is a closer look at the jokes:

Lunch Box Jokes Kelly

Cute jokes for sure! 


Lunch Boxes for you to check out~ 

Kids want to know that their parents are thinking about the when they are in school so please leave a note, print out the LUNCH BOX JOKES and make their next lunch SPECIAL! Take it from my experience it doesn’t last long so enjoy it now!  I can’t wait to this with my grandkids.  Yes, I’m looking forward to being a grandma, then I can send the kids home to their parents when I’m done.  


Lunch Box Jokes

Leave us a JOKE and maybe we will make more! 

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