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Running A LITTLE MEDICAL SCHOOL® Franchise Is Very Easy

“Kids are telling their parents to skip the princess and pirate outfits in favor of a white coat and stethoscope! That’s the vision behind Little Medical School’s launch of a retail line of mid-size healthcare wear, gear and activity items and they align perfectly with the need for more STEM products. These educational tools are irresistible to curious kids. 


My grandkids love to play dress up. And when they do this I can encourage and educate them in different fields of a profession. And with LITTLE MEDICAL SCHOOL® they can experience and experiment with different medical fields. Nursing School, Pharmacy School, Veterinarian School, Pediatrician School or Dental School. Because all you have to do is talk to your children. And then encourage their dreams. 


Kids love to dress up and pretend to be someone else. And they love to pretend they are certain professions. While they can choose between Nursing, Pediatrician, Pharmacy, Veterinarian or Dental School kits. I am sure they have a kit to help your kids realize their dreams of becoming a doctor. 


This kit is perfect for your up and coming doctor to be. Because this kit includes a real doctor's coat, plush baby doll, tape measure, markers, mini-finnish baby box, birth certificate, diploma along with a self-guided workbook. 

This kit has the plush baby, a self-guided workbook, the Finnish baby box and an amazing doctor's smock! I can not explain how much fun me and my grandkids have had with this kit. We have “played” doctor and discussed the possibility of a new baby to the family. This kit allows our children to explore becoming a doctor. And just how much fun it can be. 

I love so much about these kits. Because they have plush dolls, a white coat, assessment form, tape measure, markers, and the Finnish baby box, and diploma to help your children believe they are true doctors! So, encourage your children to become what they want to be. LITTLE MEDICAL SCHOOL® will help you encourage their dreams of being in the medical field.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.