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Listen To Your Body and Be the Formidable Force You Were Always Meant To Be

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Clear skin and smooth hair do not guarantee a healthy lifestyle. Your skin and hair might reflect your internal health, but that is only to a certain extent. Some people genuinely assume that skin and hair is the mark of salubriousness, and such an assumption is ludicrous. Therefore, it is always advisable that women bust certain health myths by enlightening themselves and adopt appropriate measures that would prove to be useful for them in the long run.

Break the Fast Right:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels you for the day and prepares you to take upon the ordeals that lie in wait for you. A heavy breakfast that comprises of fruits, juices, oatmeal teamed up with dry fruits, egg whites, and even skimmed milk shall do the trick just right. The right breakfast sets the tone of the day and acts as your energy reservoir. Therefore, skipping breakfast because you feel that it is going to help you shed those extra inches is a horrendous idea. You might find yourself losing weight dramatically on skipping breakfast, but it is only sabotaging your overall health. However, you must be careful about what you ingest in the morning. Anything that makes you feel sluggish is a strict and resounding NO! Banking on coffee to jerk you out of your sleep hangover might sound like a great idea but watch that caffeine consumption. Sleep is essential, which is why you must not go overboard with your caffeine intake.

Break A Sweat:

Woman, man, or anyone within the gender spectrum, it is imperative that you move your body and ditch the couch. Break a sweat or two with whatever form of physical exercise happens to work well with your body. Stagnation is pernicious for your health. Your blood needs to keep flowing throughout your body for it to deliver all the essential nutrients at the right places. Exercises ensure that the blood flows at its optimal rate and keeps the body agile. Also, when you move your body, your brain works better. Quit being a couch potato, and work out to transform your health to something better.

Understand Your Body:

The entire hullabaloo about men making laws about women’s bodies, and all the war cry of “my body, my choice” shall be for nothing if women do not understand the signs that their bodies keep sending off to them. Learn to listen to the tune your body sings, and learn to analyze if your body falls out of its own rhythm. If the sentence seems too mawkish and complex, let me break it down to you. Your body is an intelligent creation of the Universe, and you must give it more credit than you usually do. Any pain in any part of the body, any unusual discharge from your vagina or nipples, any structural change in any area or any discoloration of the skin must be dealt with immediately. These are initial symptoms before any disease manifests itself in ugly ways and wreaks havoc in someone’s life. Therefore, you must be wary of the sign and seek medical intervention when the symptoms persist. This does not mean that you must border on paranoia and give up living fretting over every nerve twitch. It simply means to understand what keeps your body in a harmonious union, and how to look out for the danger signs before the onset of a disease.

Get Health Insurance:

Not many understand the importance of having the right health insurance. However, women, you must realize that there is no knight in shining armor waiting to come to your rescue. You must come to your own rescue. Do not bank on the savings of your parents, or the income of your partner to cover the cost of any treatment that you might have to undergo at some point in life. Get your health insurance in place and seek professional counsel if need be. The perks of having health insurance are many, as explained by Rob Paulsen here in this article. Therefore, get your mind together and make a smart move today. You do not have to depend on anyone’s money but yours to get yourself covered.

Get Routine Check-Ups:

Ladies, there are no two ways to this; no alternatives at all. You have to make it a point to get yourselves checked once every three months. Visit your doctor and hear what she has to say about your overall health. Get the PAP test done, and team it up with other routine tests. However, make sure that you do all of these under the supervision of your doctor. Half knowledge is dangerous. Therefore, you must tread carefully. The best way to deal with any disease is by detecting it when it is still in situ.

There are several ways in which you can take care of your health. You need not be a doctor or a yogini to keep your mind and health together. You only need enlightenment and the right awareness. Diseases can barge in our lives uninvited. Therefore, be careful, educated, and live life like no one else’s business, because, in all sense of the word, your life is no one’s business!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.