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Learn About Popular EPDM Gaskets & Some Other

Gaskets are used to have better control over water, ozone, weather & sunlight.

It also withstands numerous ranges of outdoor temperatures depending on the needs of the particular industry. 

However, the gaskets are made up of different materials, which we will learn below and also collect the information about their properties.

Earlier manufacturers didn't realize that they may require a UV-resistant rubber, so the introduction of several rubbers was the core objective to resist UV rays.

This included EPDM gaskets and was a successful synthetic innovation. Let's dive into a short read.

Learn About Popular EPDM Gaskets & Some Other

➤ EPDM Gaskets

  • Excellent compression
  • Good low-temperature properties
  • Weather, Ozone, heat, flame, heat, abrasion resistance

➤Envelope Gasket

It is also called a double jacketed gasket which is a composite gasket covered with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

The advantage of this gasket is that it has high strength properties, withstands high temperatures.

➤Flat Metal Gasket

Another often used gasket is the flat metal gasket which suits any required configuration. The gasket works pretty safely, and the adequate bolting makes it more effective.

Moreover, it comes at affordable prices.

The properties of this gasket are that it has exceptional mechanical strength, resists high pressure, and is heat conductivity.

➤Kammprofile Gasket

The other names of a kammprofile gasket are Camprofile and Grooved gasket. The covering is of a metal having soft filler materials on both sides.

Like ring-type joint gaskets, the gaskets are used only when the environment is packed with high pressure & temperature.

➤Non-Asbestos Sheet Material Gasket

The name can describe the term properly. The gasket doesn't contain asbestos; that's why it's called a non-asbestos sheet material gasket.

The gasket is also a reliable choice for all sealing flanges and has a wide variety of applications.

After the 80s, the gasket martial was replaced by miner fiber, carbon, fiberglass, aramid, and graphite commonly.

➤Ring Type Joint Gasket

The gasket is usually said to be an RTJ gasket. It's a precision-machined metal gasket that is majorly used in petrochemical, refinery, and oil field industries.

Therefore, this metallic sealing ring is perfect for high temperature & high-pressure applications.

➤Spiral Wound Gasket with an Inner Ring

It's a semi-metallic which is normally used in high-pressure applications.

It possesses a good recovery tolerance, and the gasket is suitable for the environment having extreme temperatures, vibrations, shock, and pressure cycling.

Above are the most used gaskets. However, EPDM gaskets are much preferred and can be used in a wide range of applications. Usually, the work of a gasket is to form a mechanical seal to prevent the risk of leakages which can end up with an explosion. Therefore, one must ensure to make the right choice by selecting the appropriate gasket.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.