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Keep Germs and Fecal Matter off Your Toothbrushes

Okay, so most of us keep our toothbrushes in our bathrooms. Did you know that when you flush your toilet, fecal matter can become airborne and land on the bristles of your brush? If you’re a family, that means it’s likely a bit of everyone’s “poop flakes” (as my son calls them,) on your toothbrush.

Keep Germs and Fecal Matter off Your Toothbrushes

So obviously none of us want fecal matter and other germs on the very things we put into our mouths. We also don’t want to store our toothbrushes in another room, because we brush in our bathrooms. So what are we to do? We get Steripod. These nifty little things not only keep germs off of our toothbrushes, but they keep them fresh too.

Get Your Pod On!

Using Steripod is simple. You just clip it onto your toothbrush. (It fits most standard and electric toothbrushes.) Each one has Active Vapors (of Thymol) that will make your toothbrush stay fresh between brushing. Think medicated mouthwash, but instead it’s a little disk inside your Steripod.

When you need to brush your teeth, rinse your brush, add toothpaste and clean your teeth. When you’re done, rinse your brush, and clip your Steripod back on. They’re good for three months, at which time, you replace your Steripod to protect your toothbrush.

For the Family

We all have Steripods on our brushes. My son has no less than three brushes going at a time. (Due to autism and sensory aversions.) And yes, he has one on each of his toothbrushes. I even use Steripods on our fur girls toothbrushes. They don’t want our fecal matter on their brushes either! Nor do I want to kiss them after I think their teeth are clean, only to have microscopic “poop flakes” on their teeth.

Steripods come in a wide selection of colors, and the kids version has glitter in them. I’m no kid, but I happen to love the glitter ones. I guess I’m still a kid at heart.

    To keep germs off your family’s toothbrushes, then get Steripods. You can get yours here. Or you can find them at your local Walmart. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.