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Keep Your Devices Safe This Holiday and Everyday

Surfing the internet is fun, but it’s not safe. There are creeps everywhere looking to steal your information. Kaspersky will keep your devices safe this holiday and everyday. It will also make the perfect gift for loved ones.

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Keep Your Devices Safe This Holiday and Everyday

Computers, tablets, and smart phones are the way of the world. They help us, teach us, provide us with work, and enjoyment as well. However, they’re also a target for hackers and thieves. Thirty nine percent of people don’t have internet security! In order to stay safe while doing all of these things, you need a quality security system. That’s where Kaspersky comes in.

Works Across All Platforms

Kaspersky is here to protect all of your devices, across all platforms. That means laptops, desktops, tablet, and even smartphones. Their security protects Android, Apple, and even Windows devices as well.

As a matter of fact, we have Kaspersky Total Security. I have it on my HP laptop for work. I also have it on my Samsung phone. We have it on my son’s school laptop, as well as my old iPhone that he uses like an iPod. Even hubby has it on his Samsung phone.

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Stay Safe While Surfing

Thanks to Kaspersky my family stays safe while surfing the web. Because my son’s iPhone isn’t on a plan, he can only use it with wifi. That’s fine at home, but when he’s waiting for his therapy appointments, he connects to public wifi. That’s not normally a safe call, but I know that thanks to Kaspersky’s Secure Connection, our information stay safe while he’s connected.

System Watcher

Kaspersky’s System Watcher is here to keep your precious family photos safe. It protects users from ransomware. In case you’re not familiar with ransomware, it’s a tactic used by hackers in which they threaten to publish your precious and private photos and videos, or block access to them until you pay them a ransom. Pretty crappy right? Well, Kaspersky is here to protect you from that!

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We love and trust Kaspersky, and we think you should to. Buy yourself and loved ones peace of mind this holiday season. Follow via Facebook and Twitter too.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.