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Liberty And Just Nips For All! Look Cold And Feel Hot!

I started Just Nips to make you look cold and feel HOT! We are super feminist, super fun and for each pair of Just Nips we sell, we donate to women who have/currently are undergoing breast reconstruction. As you may know, after breast reconstruction which happens for a bunch of reasons the most common being breast cancer, women are not able to get nipples for at least 3 months, if ever. 

My story is unique in that I founded the company for strictly fashion purposes but as more and more women heard about it, I found about half of my customer base were women who actually had no nipples due to breast cancer so we took a pivot. We now have 3 different product lines all available in Cream and Cocoa colors as well. “
Just Nips
How would someone get to the point of running a fake nipple company? Well, Molly just loves the look and decided to make it happen. She spent all of 2016 bringing Just Nips to life. Because she has helped in every step of the way. From the packaging design to market testing. And she has always known that they would be involved in breast cancer awareness in some way. 
Just Nips
Originally she wanted to have accredited self-check breast exam instructions printed on the inside of each box. But she soon learned that breast cancer organizations really didn’t want anything to do with her fake nipples. Without a hefty donation from Just Nips. Which was very frustrating.She didn’t have the money but she did have her product.
So when women started reaching out around the world with their stories about post-mastectomy without nipples. Well with her good heart, she did not direct them to their shop. Instead, she asked for their mailing address and shipped them FREE samples! And that is how their donation program started! They have successfully donated over 1,000 to various breast cancer associations and women in need across the country.

How To Use

They are so easy to use! 1. Peel off the backing. 2. Stick onto your skin. 3. Pull on your shirt. 4. Look cold while feeling HOT! And coming soon each box will have self-check breast exam instructions printed on the inside!

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