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Is Ergatta the Best Looking Rower for Your Home?

Are you thinking about rowing to help you stay fit? Nothing feels better than being on a rowboat. You can feel the wind, see the sparkle of the sun on the water, and hear the ebb and flow of the waves as you paddle. No indoor exercise has been able to replicate that feeling until the Ergatta came.

Is Ergatta the Best Looking Rower for Your Home

The piece features a beautiful cherry wood frame, a transparent water tank, and a 17.3-inch touch screen on which you can browse and play gaming-inspired workouts.

If rowing is your best form of exercise, the Ergatta is the best-looking rower for your home. Read on to discover more about the Ergatta. 

  1. Cost. Ergatta was manufactured in the US by WaterRower, a popular name in the indoor rowing machine market. The Ergatta cost $2,199 plus a shipping and installation fee of $199. If you find the price too high, you can finance it starting at around $102 per month for 24 months. Similar to other smart workout machines, you will pay extra for class membership. The Ergatta membership will cost you $29 monthly and give you access to the company’s game-based fitness platform. This platform includes a library or several workouts, goal-based training programs, personal dashboards, competitions, and monthly challenges. The machine also allows you to create multiple profiles for everyone in your household if you have signed up for the membership. You will also enjoy at least six new workouts every week. 
  1. Features. Unlike other smart rowing machines, the Ergatta is the best in terms of its looks and how it works. In its design, the Ergatta has an eye-catching conversation piece and features a USA-sourced cherry wood frame, a clear water tank, and a 17.3-inch HD touch screen. The Ergatta is designed to fit perfectly into any home workout space, whether you want to place it in your living room or home gym. The machine is also compact and portable, unlike other devices that are bulky and obtrusive. It also comes with wheels so that you can move it anywhere in your home. The HG touchscreen allows for a fully immersive and interactive experience. The Ergatta uses actual water, giving you a realistic look and feel as you row. 
  1. The Rowing Experience. The first workout you will do with the Ergatta is a 2000-meter calibration row that takes about 13 minutes to complete. The Ergatta will establish your personalized Intensity Zones reflecting your speed and endurance at four levels; paddle, steady, race, and sprint. Paddle is the easiest level, while sprint is the hardest. The Ergatta continuously adapts to your fitness levels as you improve. The system will recalibrate automatically after every ten intervals or race workouts. The interface is colorful and well-organized. The main screen has four sections: push programs, interval workouts, race, workouts, and open row. The Ergatta does not have any live races or workouts. However, the on-demand races are comfortable since Ergatta uses your calibration results to match you with eight similar users. The circles in your racing track indicate you and your opponents. Ergatta displays a ton of information and metrics on your screen, including your time elapsed and remaining, the number of intervals, estimated calories burned, distance covered, and many more. 
  1. Beginner-Friendly. The best thing about membership is that the system releases new content and features. The primary highlight is a new game in the Interval Workouts section called Meteor. This game challenges you to hit different target speeds and collect tokens as you fly through space. If you are a beginner, Ergatta has not forgotten you. The company has new tutorial videos that cover basic rowing forms and new Internal Workouts and races for beginners that take about 10 minutes to complete. Ergatta also features a new beginner Push Program that features a series of five short workouts to introduce you to the Ergatta experience. 
  1. Smart Way to Row. We have several water rowing machines on the market, but none with the smarts and price of the Ergatta. The machine aims at keeping you engaged with gaming-inspired workouts and races that are personalized to you based on your fitness level. The Ergatta is a perfect option for those who are motivated by competition and value aesthetics. This rowing machine offers what most people want in their at-home workout equipment. It will push you harder and provide an effective workout for the whole body. 

For more information about the Ergatta rowing machine, please check out Dynasys Tech

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.